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6th > May > 2010 Archive

Report reams IT admins for secretly snapping student pics

More than 58,000 images captured

Opera moves Dragonfly to Apache for patent promise

Web 2.0 ExpoBrowser closed. Debug open

Tories buy YouTube home page

Plus: The Reg voter's guide

Javascript guru calls for webwide IE6 boycott

Web 2.0 Expo'In China,' says MS, 'it's still a great browser'

Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4TB Nas box


STEC going SAS and PCIe

SAS version of Zeus

Google drops cash on soothsayers

Predicts company will predict the future

Scammers attempt to cash in on volcanic ash travel chaos

Bizarre LHC black hole scam also runs

US lawmakers publish internet privacy Bill

Draft law to regulate online info sharing

Sheffield hospitals pay thousands for dodgy software

Ex-employee tips off FAST

Man uses meat cleaver to fashion UK-ready iPad

Trimming down the SIM

Sony Ericsson pledges Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update

But not any time soon

'Minimalist, whimsical' Google search given Bing-like overhaul

Who said a swing to the left was impossible?

Virgin Media deletes customers

Database purge leads to lengthy outages

Mobe-wielding drivers getting away with it

More law breakers, fewer fines

Google sues tiny indie label

Woke up this morning, got the Goliath vs David Blues

Lorentz-loaded Firefox 3.6.4 hits third beta stage

Second Thunderbird 3.1 test build also released

HP India probed by taxman

Nothing to declare

Tory twit accused of touting shanghaied tot shots

Parents shocked to be asked 'Are you a Tory?'

Capellas comes back to head Acadia

From Compaq through HP to VCE

Samsung Diva fashion phone

ReviewsHere come the girls, etc, etc.

Sony coughs to PSN update woes

Servers feel the strain

Live PARIS GPS tracker test tomorrow

Follow us online as we go walkabout

Germans plan to make 'synthetic natural' gas from CO2

Megawatt trial: Could be huge for renewables, nuclear

Reader Top 10s: an experiment in crowd pleasing

Site newsTry out our new voting system. Please

EU plans changes to competition rules on technical standards

Sometimes collusion is a good thing

Met issues internet cafe terror warnings

Your favourite jihadi porn site is inappropriate

Samsung NaviBot robot cleaner

ReviewToday, the carpet - tomorrow, the world

Will Google have its chips?

Yeah, it might...

Californian university drops Gmail over privacy concerns

Not getting high on Chocolate Factory information handling

IT governance: Making the case without cutting your throat

LabThink outside the black box

Compellent plans 900GB 2.5-inch disk drives

15,000rpm speedsters coming too

Atlantis looking good for 14 May launch

Last shuttle flight knocked back to November, though

Berlin Phil to appear on Bravia internet tellies, says Sony

Dah-dah-dah-daaah. Dah-dah-dah-daaah

Teradata's 2010 starts with a bang

'Things have never been better'

IDC convinced data will crush universe

CommentShort term memory

NASA tests amazing bailout rocket which will never be used

Nyah nyah nyah, Mr President, we're not listening

50 million user Scribd scraps Flash for HTML5

Web 2.0 ExpoDoc sharer dubs plug-in 'incessantly bad experience'

Stealth installs and adware come to Facebook

UpdatedApps secretly added to profiles

Netbook sales shrivel in face of Apple iPad

44% of tablet fanbois don't need keyboard

Motorola buys own mobile Linux firm

Cracks in the Android?

Compellent fattens up for investors

Scale up, scale out - that's what it's all about

Open source R in commercial Revolution

Red Hat for stats

VMware's SpringSource grabs a GemStone

Relational in the cloud

Spammers ordered to pay tiny ISP whopping $2.6m

$650,000 per employee courtesy of CAN-SPAM

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