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29th > April > 2010 Archive

Microsoft's Linux patent bingo hits Google's Android

How to make enemies and influence people

Brazil shells out for 244 teraflop Cray super

The price of better weather

Peak Cape 7 Ion


Shuttle XPC SG41J1


Dell Inspiron Zino HD


Buyer's Guide: Mini Desktop PCs

ReviewsThe Pros and Cons of tiny PCs

Fujitsu Esprimo Q9000


Acer Aspire X5900


Viewsonic PC Mini 132


Mini Desktop PCs: Best Buys

Group Test

Mini Desktop PCs

Group TestSix compact computers for your consideration

RIM's BlackBerry OS 6 may be too late to fend off Apple

New browser and revamped interface not enough

EU mulls new central cybercrime agency

Better than multiple bodies?

IBM flashes 1.2 million TPC-C result

Feel the SandForce, Luke

Asteroids the source of Earth's water, NASA suggests

Oceans: Coming soon to a planet near you

US boffins fashion quantum-computing bit out of SQUID

That's 'bit' as in 'piece'. No 1s or 0s allowed

AOL first quarter sales nosedive 23 per cent

Where have all the young clicks gone? Long time passing

Telefonica prices up HP smartbook

Android'n'ARM gadget launch detailed

Beijing security know-how rules irk suppliers

Secret sauce

UK white space could fill up fast

Ofcom demands new regulatory powers

Nokia nudges out another X phone

Cut-price candybar

Microsoft shifts Windows Summit online

No mingling in flesh, people

US tech industry loses quarter of a million jobs

Fewer American jobs for American workers

Best Buy opens first UK store tomorrow

Website arrives in autumn

Terror in the Outback: Attack of the Giant Space Balloon

Rogue gasbag wrecks car, petrifies goggling onlookers

Apple guzzles wobbly concierge service

Where Google walks, so Cupertino follows

'Phantasmal' bioweapon drug-sweat microfrogs bred in UK

Tiny blowgun batrachians perspire new super-Morphine

What's impacting IT security today?

Mini PollAssessing the changing direction of security

Symantec buys PGP and GuardianEdge too

Crypto shopping spree

Met terror squad beats all complaints

167 filed, zero upheld

UK regulator wants register of all premium-rate firms

PhonepayPlus in code shake-up

Megan Fox not world's sexiest woman: Official

Merely the second most desired, bless her

Handset also-rans create new mobile platform

Because what we need is another standard

Feeds and speeds on HP's Tukwila blades

Scale 'em up and out

O2 to offer low-cost laptops with built-in mobile broadband

Netbooks and notebooks covered

Steve Jobs issues open letter on Flash

'It's old. It's rubbish for mobile. Namaste'

Ubuntu 10.04 triumphs over GRUB bug

UpdatedLate breaker

Microsoft SharePoint bug exposes credentials, sensitive data

Just add javascript

SCO: jurors too busy Facebooking to rule on Unix claim

Fresh trial, or overrule - hey, we're easy, says SCO

Apple's mobile ad pacts pegged at $1m (or more)

'A hefty sum,' grumbles ad exec

Google personal suggest bug exposed user web history

Data hole plugged after impersonated keystroke attack

Sony sued for dropping Linux from PS3

Console downgrade 'unfair and deceptive'

IBM's Unix poaching slows in Q1

HP vague, Oracle mum on competitive wins

Palin email jury reaches verdicts on 3 of 4 counts

Still deadlocked on one

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