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20th > April > 2010 Archive

'iPhone 4G' loser outed

UpdatedEngineer + suds = career crash

Bond 23 suspended 'indefinitely'

007 grounded as MGM struggles

Cyberattack lifted Google password system code, says report

'Chinese' hack nabbed single-sign-on source

Apple sued over iPhone aqua sensors

Liquid larceny litigation

Drupal 7: Sooner or later, but hopefully sooner

DrupalCon 2010Too many bugs, not enough sites

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

ReviewSave your scribbles

Ubuntu Server primed for the bigtime

Ready for the RHEL world

Managing UC – you need to be in control

WorkshopNo room for backseat drivers

Flights resume in Scotland - Gatwick and Heathrow still shut

Rumblings of more ash ahead

UK IT job outfit punts 491 private email addys

Yeah, I'll just stick the database in the 'To:' field

Seagate media player streams HD video to goggle boxes

FreeAgent Theatre upgraded

Swedish Pirate Party membership numbers sinks

Pirate Bay supporters jump ship a year after verdict

Election promises: Wi-Fi chain gangs and maximum wage

What the other 'sensible' parties are proposing

'Goodness, evilness makes you powerful' - like the Force

Pure heart = x10 strength. Lust, hatred = mind choke?

Pinhead Mac Trojan sticks it to fanbois

HellRTS-D snooping for backdoors

Data Protection Manager flies cloudwards

CloudRecovery links into DPM

Exploiting the new dynamism

LabGot the new kit? Now make it work

Sony Vaio M Atom 2.0 netbook

ReviewIf you can't beat 'em...

First among SQLs

StobCOBOL for lawyers

Mystic Met closed Europe with computer model

And not much data

iPhone users suffer summer appointment chaos

Spring forward, fall backward

Yahoo! hires! ex-Microsoft! Windows! Live! man!

Hopes to wow advertisers with science, art and, er, scale

Leica launches its first geo-tagging compact

V-Lux 20 makes its debut

Security boffins build broadband speed quantum crypto network

A scram-jet for secure scrambling

Space Station lightsabre-sparring hoverdroids to be upgraded

ISS mini-globes get tractor beams, crowdsauce greasing

Broadband boss: 'The end of freeloading is nigh'

There's no such thing as a freetard's lunch

Music festival organisers warn punters about dodgy tickets

Some sites as smelly as three-day old concert-goers

Discovery touches down at Kennedy

Safe homecoming for STS-131 mission

3G iPad ship date named

Pre-orders made good

Rogue admin waits for verdict

BOFH faces jail for password refusal

Amazon purges account hijacking threat from site

XSS no more

European Commission details Five Year Security Plan

Stronger data protection, ID theft to be a crime

Panasas adds high-capacity archive box

High-performance computing sees a boost

IBM pares down Power7 blade server

Cuts cores and memory in half, but not price

Google stung by more privacy complaints over Buzz

Data watchdogs wade into row

Microsoft preps fix for IE 8 flaw that makes safe sites unsafe

Third time's the charm

Newtonian Rock shop leaks iPad prices

UpdatedNeither welcome nor believable

Google's Schmidt pitches Chrome OS netbooks

Network computer, fully baked

Adaptive Computing consolidates cloud control

Behind-the-scenes VM embrace

Google tool ranks gov appetite for your private data

Brazil and US revealed as binge eaters

Amazon sues US state on customers' privacy

50 million in tax probe

iPhone and Mac boost Apple by 94%

'Extraordinary' Jobsian products promised

Yahoo! conjures! growth! from! flat! first! quarter!

Man behind curtain fully engaged

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