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19th > April > 2010 Archive

Cray mimics Ethernet atop SeaStar interconnect

Linux shortcut cooks with SLES

Microsoft stealth launches 'historic' programming language

Hidden F# strikes right note

AMD: Our best competitive server position in years

CommentGonna make it up in volume

Fusion-io gets $45m in C-round

Whopping financial injection

UN split on cybercrime conventions

Follow Euro model or go for something new?

Ash cans flights for another day

More peace for London

Veteran UK fraud fighter 'BobBear' retires

Pipe and slippers for celebrated anti-phishing crusader

Political targeting: An unhealthy business

A pox on voter choice indeed

'R2' robot to join space station crew, says NASA

Not a proper R2 unit though - can't do EVA

Apple sets 3G iPad for May 7 as Sprint ups ante to 4G

While Blighty price predicted at £399

Violent vid games send teens to sleep

Visual Prozac

Phone me the way to go home

Paper maps are for old-fashioned chaps

DoH puts brakes on Summary Care Record

Suspends previously-hurried implementation

What does YOUR IT crystal ball say?

LabTaking a cold hard look at change

Arista goes modular with 10 Gig E switches

10 Tb/sec for 384 ports

Sage confirms Walker's departure

26-year veteran seeks new challenges

Fring cops to unchangeable passwords

Security isn't a Fring thing

Nine year-old blamed for US school system hack

Youngster uses teacher's login to redraw Blackboard

Splinter Cell stunt misfires: Armed police respond

When marketing goes bad

Microsoft yanks KIN ad boob

Don't get tits out for lad(ie)s, after all

Youth reject Facebook's death of privacy claims

Kids want it but don't know get it

Dell Inspiron One 19 Touch touchscreen all-in-one

ReviewGives the finger to touch tech PC price premiums

Should all hard drives be encrypted?

WorkshopClear as mud

PARIS hacked Canon test (almost) runs on rails

PowerShot powers down mid-shoot

Obama 'deep space' Mars plans in Boeing booster bitchslap

Megacorp sees Elon Musk/prez chumship threat?

Google opens alphabetti spaghetti with refined spelling in search

Web queries for an illiterate age

Adobe bakes secure P2P into Flash

Group conferences and gaming - or even P2P radio?

Epic Fail: How the photographers won, while digital rights failed

What went wrong?

Palm hands out golden handcuffs

Would you stick with Palm for quarter of a mil?

Discovery landing rained off

Back to Earth tomorrow

Samsung wins 20nm process flash race

Leaves Toshiba and IMFT in the dust

Trojan poses as Google Chrome extension

Cybercrooks start to target Google's browser

Sony's PS3 firmware update shows how retailers can be exposed

No compensation from manufacturers

HDS takes on Cisco/EMC with unified computing platform

Premature announcement?

Virus floors Russian-Chinese automated border

Thousands stranded in travel chaos

'al-Qaeda suicide cat' sends US Iraq war robots out of control

Feline saboteur 'fried everything' at command base

eBay shill bid scammer convicted

Minibus man falls foul of consumer protection laws

Microsoft will fix it for you

Click, click, fixed

Cyberspace isn't a place - Irish Judge

Creators' rights are human rights, says Court

Cisco (finally) acquires Norwegian video conferencer

Tandberg borged

HP Networking emerges

ProCurve and 3COM brands to disappear

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

ReviewClassic territory

Network Solutions customers hit by mass hack attack

Second mystery outbreak in a week

'iPhone 4G' found on floor of bar

UpdatedPhotos from a Jobsian future

Ethernet borgs RDMA from InfiniBand

Rocky protocol means 10 GE is gonna fly now

Floating security tools span sky of clouds

From Amazon to the apps formerly know as SaaS

Microsoft cracks open Windows cloud management service

It's not a Windows 7 upgrade sweetener. Really

Oracle puts a JRockit under its cloud play

BEA. Oracle. Complete.

Oracle charges $90 for Sun's free ODF plug-in

The price of open docs on Microsoft Office

IBM profits out-climb sales in Q1

UK soars like a BRIC

Feds bust website that catered to identity thieves goes dark

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