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16th > April > 2010 Archive

Oracle tunes Solaris for Intel's big Xeons

Eight-socket box catching up Sparc

MySQL under Oracle: No changes, except to what we say

MySQL ConTalent pool persists

Attacks exploit unpatched weakness in Adobe apps

Ham-handed PDF peril from Zeus

Is Xiotech right on thin controllers?

CommentDo or diet

Activision Tony Hawk Ride skateboard controller

ReviewA board game, for real

Sleep-scheduling software developed for ISS astronauts

Knit-up-the-ravelled-sleeve-of-care 'ware

Ofcom hangs fire until after Olympics

No wireless mics decision till torch is out

Online retailers cannot deduct delivery fee when making refunds

Judges hand out takeaway ruling

C&W wraps up three-year court case

Cleared of delaying Caribbean competition

Sony Ericsson turns in a...profit

Sells less, makes more

Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday

UpdateNobody's getting in or out without a boat for a bit

Chinese go beyond binary with ternary molecule

Memory sandwich molecule munches three bits

G Cloud guy Bellamy says bye-bye to Cabinet Office

CfH director discharges self

Change management in x86 server estates

WorkshopWhere's my @*>##% VM gone?

Toshiba intros consumer desktop replacements

15, 16 and 17in beasts announced

Zeus spyware pretends to be Royal Mail PDF

The postman always zings twice. Zing!

Orange re-bundles broadband

It's the new unbundling

Alleged MI6 traitor also accused of betraying spies

Spy on our spy as he hunts their spy?

Obama: We're off to Mars

And let's land on an asteroid, too, says prez

Volcanic Eyjafjallajökull dirt-splurt space snap

PicESA offers plane-buster Icelandic gunge plume sat pic

AA intros car parking space locator app

Have you paid and displayed?

UK Blu-ray Disc sales shoot up

But still some way from catching DVD

Billy Connolly invades TomTom (for £8.99)

No swearing, no dirty bits

US government probes HP bribery claims

Investigation widens

India boasts more mobes than bogs

'Quick, text me the address of the nearest khazi'

Memristors can maybe learn like synapses

Human-brain-like computers, annihilation of humanity one step closer

MS kernel patch skirts infected machines

Damage control bypasses pwned PCs

Newsnight tries banalysis 2.0 for Prime Ministerial debates

CommentTag clouds: Not in my name

Microsoft coughs to Visual Studio 2010 upgrade delay

Tells customers to play with trial version instead

Think you can outdo the political mob?

Register your candidacy before it's too late

Google snubs Labs again with brace of Gmail features

Drag-and-Drop in the cloud, man

New road made from pigsh*t in Missouri

Porcine dandruff almost sty-mies chocolate highway plan

El Reg PARIS team unboxes some toys

VidsLights, space cameras, action...

Police send Reg hack CRB check database

ExclusiveMassive security breach prompts investigation

Bromsgrove lass slapped with Boozbo

No alcohol anywhere in England and Wales

But is that really cloud?

Reader Mini-PollWhat constitutes ‘proper’ cloud computing

Hentai malware publishes web history of marks online

Tentacle-smut shakedown

New ISS machine makes water from waste CO2

Backup for buggy re-wee golden barrel rolled out

Hasselblad CFV-39 digital back

Review39Mp upgrade for your 50-year-old camera, anyone?

Oracle ponies up $685m for Phase Forward

Larry Ellison on drugs discovery trip

Steve Jobs bans all apps from iPhone (or thereabouts)

Code translation verboten. Whatever that means

Microsoft wants pacemaker password tattoos

The keys to my heart are on my foot

Apple backs down from Pulitzer putsch

UpdatedPolitical toonist can 'resubmit'

IBM's Power 780 pushes the value envelope

Lotta flash, fewer cores on TPC-C test

Ellison's database customers slip slidin' to x86

Where's a server deal when you need one?

Jobs to iPad skeptic: 'Are you nuts?'

Euro launch conspiracy theory quashed

School secretly snapped 1000s of students at home

Some while sleeping or partially undressed

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