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15th > April > 2010 Archive

Commodore 64 may come back as Warren Beatty

The C64 is dead. Long live the C64

Big Blue juices OS formerly known as 400

Native XML i am

OU: Digital divide now between clued and clueless

Calls for learning in the workplace

US gov cries foul on MPAA piracy claims

A Mickey Mouse operation

Is Oracle severing its LSI relationship?

Cutting the knot

Novero TheFirstOne designer Bluetooth headset

ReviewIn the ear of the beholder?

Commissioner pledges protection for net neutrality

Kroes: 'We must guard freedom of expression'

Volcanic ash grounds dozens of UK flights

Icelandic plume knocks out airports

Herd of sheep, off tits on drugs, savagely Tased

'None suffered heart attacks', exults stungun maker

HP fingered in bribe probe

Germany and Russia raid Moscow HQ

All-in-ones grease great quarter for PCs


Sony pledges 'affordable' 3D TV experience

But keeps mum about the price

Sony preps pair of PS3 3D updates

One for games, one for Blu-ray

Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho

'It began as a twinge down below...'

Two new LTO tape gens announced

Capacity boost flaunted

Swiss HSBC data breach victim count trebles

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Toshiba tips hat into tablet ring

Android, Windows 7 models inbound

Game unwraps software too early for some

New, but not minty fresh

Shrek's Donkey poses with bustier-clad strumpet

Asinine fashion shoot shocker

Facebook starts random application shutdown

UpdatedAnything Apple can do...

US librarian in chief puts Twitter into aspic

The first draft of history is now 140 chars long

DNS Trojan poses as iPhone unlocking utility

Poisoned Apple

IBM predicts reoffending rates for prisoners

Florida follows UK into Minority Report territory

Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection

No guarantee of 'quick and painless execution'

Opera Mini tops the iTunes chart, but can it make any money?

Good PR doesn't always equal profits

He gave me the hairless eyeball

Face tracking fun for all the family

Blighty's first home grown war robot takes to Welsh skies!

Pigs may not fly, but pork barrels can

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e

ReviewCheapest ThinkPad ever, anyone?

Why doesn't Nokia buy Palm?

CommentIt's a perfect fit, and going cheap...

More vultures attack Compellent

Ravening lawyers' class action ambulance-chasing

Big Brother Watch manifesto makes plea for privacy

Look at yourselves, insists pressure group

NextIO teams with Fusion-io for 5TB flash SAN

1.7 million IOPS box on the way too

Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph for Top Gear toss

'Gypsies aren't Romanians, morons'

KIN'ell, Microsoft! Is that a breasticle I see before me?

Let me get my hands on your mammary gland

IBM Workload Optimized: Here comes the hype wave

Can enterprise analytics really be interesting?

Vendors bet on England World Cup fail

Offer money back if team wins

Retailer claims customers' immortal souls

You didn't know? You should have read the Ts&Cs

IBM prunes low-cost AIX rev

Just for cheapskates

Sony working on 'major' PlayTV update

PS3's TV tuner due for software revamp

Oracle releases emergency security patch for Java

Code-execution threat no more

Apple bans Pulitzer Prize political cartoons from iPhone

Censorship goes from silly to serious

Oracle murders free OpenSolaris CD shipping

Community mulls fork

Intel: Killer cables may leapfrog USB 3.0

Seeing the Light Peak

AMD claws back to profitability

G'bye Global Foundries, 'ello black ink

Google money machine tops self with 23% revenue leap

Q1 trumps Christmastime

Google in talks to re-admit Android to Linux kernel

Linux Collaboration SummitMulti-year process?

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