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14th > April > 2010 Archive

Amazon rains MySQL on Europe

Floating relational database crosses Atlantic

Brokerage coughs up $375,000 for website breach

Garden-variety exploit strikes again!

Schooner adds DR to SQL and cache appliances

MySQLectomy boosts query speeds

Emulex scores FCOE revenue win

Eat your heart out, QLogic

Son of Nehalem due this year

Sandy Bridge to the future

Offline Google Docs disappear on May 3

Reappearance whenever

Ten Essential... iPhone Accessories

Product Round-upThere's an add-on for that

The right path to UC?

WorkshopThere’s no such thing

Transport for London gobbles up Oyster

How shellfish, etc etc

Palm opens for Chinese cash

Cash-strapped smartphone maker looks to Huawei for help

Confirmed: Apple's MacBook Pros not primed with Optimus

Nvidia GPU but not Nvidia GPU switching tech

Xiotech's CorteX to change the storage world

CommentISE NAS coming with Symantec

Humax Freeview HD boxes to get Sky Player

Augment free-to-air content with pay-to-view programming

Microsoft offshores its own IT

Infosys wins help desk, infrastructure deal

Neil Armstrong slams 'devastating' Constellation cancellation

US faces 'a long downhill slide to mediocrity'

Gears of War 3 release date unveiled

You have 12 months to prepare

McAfee sued over third-party pop-up pitches

Consumer pair take issue with 'deceptive' sales tactics

Consumerisation and client computing

WorkshopMore than just executive desktop bling?

Legal vultures swoop on Compellent

Claim management misled the markets

Research In Motion drives away with QNX

Embedded OS behind the wheel

Obama to backtrack on NASA Orion cancellation - reports

Capsule to live on as ISS lifeboat, but still no Moonbase

Nintendo beats Wii patent infringement rap

Appeals court slaps down Anascape

Bulgarians cop an eyeful of Penthouse billboard filth

No airbags, but some highly suggestive winking

LSI gets 1 million IOPS from 1TB of flash

Matches IBM and HP with Fusion-io

Election algorithm gives Tories sunnier outlook

Still short of a majority though

Microsoft's Silverlight goes fourth tomorrow

Steps outside box

Lib Dems demand niceness, ignore technology

Appeal to the man on the Clapham night bus

DARPA, US Marines team on proper flying car project

Blade Runner style sky-buggy Humvee/Jeep/Prius combo

Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies

Causes an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny rumpus

Rutland Telecom offers local internet for local people

Thanks Mr and Mrs Knapp and VMware float mystery cloud project

VMforce coming later this month

Atom runs Android, Google plans tablet

But Chrome to be key cloudbook OS

The coolest arse on the planet

Plug and play!

Ex-SAP boss goes west to join US biz software maker

Léo Apotheker seeks California serenity

NFC? It might work says Department for Transport

£355,000 in hard cash for wishy washy answer

Apple delays UK iPad launch

USA 500,000; Rest of World 0

'Groom-a-Tory' iPhone app sparks privacy paranoia

Blue rinse? There's an app for that

Korea sends teen games players to their beds

Curfew imposed on 19 MMORPGs

French city in pedestrian-powered streetlight plan

Plus rapide, Gaston! Je peux voir baise-toute

Oxburgh blesses Climategate boffins

Keep on keeping calm, and carry on

Secret admirer goes after Double-Take

Premium price offered by surprise bidder

Promoted tweet scheme ripe for abuse

Fresh security threats in 140 chars or less

UK carriers cut and paste iPad statement

Identical messages of support

Paramount movies tip up on MSN Video

European first

Java code-execution vuln exploited in drive-by attack

Trivial to exploit

Adobe to sue Apple 'within weeks,' says report

iPhone code translation ban 'the last straw'

Internet abuzz with BitTorrent bypass code

Draconian UK law gets SeedF**cked

iPad stuck in US for extra month

Apple claims demand surprise

Intel expects server bump in Q2

CommentNo virtualization downdraft ahead

Israel confiscates visiting iPads

Crackdown on Jobsian WiFi

Google and friends back bid to block warrantless email search

Reinforcements for Yahoo!

MySQL fork duo tear down Oracle's Iron Man fantasy

MySQL ConWidenius and Aker to convert the converted

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