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13th > April > 2010 Archive

Jesus Phone in shock Opera browser benediction

Opera Mini approved for Apple App Store

Info-scrubbing algorithm unveiled to protect patient privacy

Medical data without the secrets

Visual Studio 2010 opens Windows to outside help

Microsoft 'needs' community

Gosling gusher sinks Oracle's Java cred

CommentLosing that lovin' feeling

NoSQL player questions big data

Hello, VMware

Google boss tells newspapers he feels their pain

'Charge readers, not me'

Mountain View trials revamped Google Docs

Forward to the drawing board

Gyration Air Mouse Elite

ReviewAirborne remote rodent

SNIA offers cloud storage standard

Full of CRUD. Only in a good way

Fear 2012? Bunker hustler has you covered

$50K saves you from Planet X

DVLA deals £300m card-style licence contract

ID cards by any other name

The desktop demands of board-level managers

WorkshopCan they be kept in the realms of sanity?

Gartner revises 2010 IT spending upwards

Crashing dollar cranks up optimism

Apple in Brazilian iPad shocker

Defibrillators at the ready...

Tandberg plots 1TB removable hard drive

UpdatedMore RDX-based products coming

Thousands wrongly labelled by CRB checks

Compo for job applicants called criminals

Overzealous Orange cuts off customer, still bills

Who are you? And where's our money?

IBM adds Easy Tier to DS8700

Auto data movement to SSD

FalconStor pushes HyperFS out the door

Build your own systems

Argentinian jailbreakers dress in sheep's clothing

Ovine fugitives elude 300 cops

Ticket site sorry for pisspoor password wrong

Don't wet yourself

eBayer sued for leaving negative feedback

F-- would not be rude again

Twitter to auction off words

Advertising? At last!

Microsoft slams coffin lid on Vista

Service pack-free OS life support switched off as few mourn passing

London cops focus on extreme porn, human trafficking

Under-reported, or over-egged?

Will DNSSEC kill your internet?

5 May will sort the men from the boys

Ocarina compresses Flash and MPEG2s

Lossless video compression

Antarctic boffins obtain prehistoric deep ice core sample

Expedition returns from isolated, stormbound camp

Google chief 'paranoid' on security after China attack

Schmidt spins Chrome for security line after epic fail

Third of XP security suites flunk tests

'Crashes, freezes, hangs and errors' blight VB run-through

Opera for iPhone: The review

It's speedy, but is that enough?

Facebook rejects CEOP 'panic button' demands (again)

Mr Gamble goes to Washington

Nokia taps out Twitter phone trio

Qwerty handsets ahoy

Nokia announces Facetwittery-enabled phones

Poor people get to network too

Tories put ID cards, Contactpoint on manifesto hit list

Decentralised techie state is the aim

Sony Ericsson intros Flac friendly music phone

New Walkpersons announced

Open-source Sugar snared by Jobsian code block

SugarCon 2010HTML and back again

Portal crossbreeds backups of earth and sky

'Cloud' storage puts feet on ground

Spacewalkers polish off ISS ammonia tank

Third jaunt wraps Discovery mission EVAs

Apple updates MacBook Pro notebooks

UpdatedNvidia Optimus technology on board?

Sepaton adds support for Symantec's OST

Will move toward NAS interfaces

Nokia X3 sliderphone

ReviewSimple, but effective

Real-time ad targeting violates privacy, say US pressure groups

Complaint slams 'ambiguous' opt-out procedures now offers

Scrobbler nobbles free full-track streams

EU agency zooms in on 'Flying 2.0'

More RFID? You're spoiling us!

Seagate tempts hard drive buyers with Star Trek

Plus 20 films ready to be unlocked for a fee

IBM sharpens Power7 blades

Twice the oomph. For less

Bioshock 2

ReviewSuccessful sequel shock?

Breach on Fort exposes passwords

Open-sourcers disclose three-day intrusion

Google to open source $124.6m video codec, says report

Flash lover eyes video freedom for all

Oracle drops top architect into MySQL skeptic zone

MySQL ConThe lonely sound of the solo clapper

Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

New frontiers in control freakiness

Fedora tempts fate with Apollo 13 beta

Houston, we have no problem

Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle unite with massive patch batch

Patch Tuesday Extreme Edition

VMware SpringSources for open source Rabbit

Messaging in the heavens

Otellini says IT economy no longer dying

As Intel profits soar 288%

Big Data open-source duo united under Apache

Hadoop and Cassandra search together

Xen 4.0 adds Remus fault tolerance

Transcendental memory

Fedora 13 - Ubuntu's smart but less attractive cousin

ReviewInner refinement

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