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12th > April > 2010 Archive

Visual Studio 2010 - your chunky new friend dissected

Nice package, shame about the platform

Oracle freshens its VirtualBox

Still no roadmap

IBM debuts new Power7 iron this week

And a new i

Samsung WB1000


Premium Compact Cameras

Group TestSix pocket-friendly high-quality snappers

Canon PowerShot G11


Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR


Nikon CoolPix S8000


Panasonic Lumix LX3


Ricoh CX3


Buyer's Guide: Premium Compact Cameras

Group TestWhat to shoot for

Premium Compact Cameras: Best Buys

Group TestHow they compare

Government wastes millions on redundant cycle route planner

Reinventing the wheel

Fusion-io changes its CEO again

Co-founder gets the hot seat

NHS blames computer error for transplant fouls

Computer says kidney

Russian trade body aims to fight cybercrime

Russia no safe haven for spammers and cybercriminals

McKinnon's mum stands against Straw at general election

Fights against 'Nazi style police state'

Parliamentary wash-up washes away liberties

'Tough on crime' test passed handily

To connect or not to connect?

WorkshopMore from readers on real-world ERP practicalities

iPod implicated in US attack sub prang

Navigator in expensive musical encounter with transport dock

Apple bails out Google

Monopoly, what monopoly?

King of the geeks leaves Oracle

Father of Java, son of Canada

Brit science vessel probes hot cleft for weird lifeforms

Glowing blue 'alien mats' found in Caribbean abyss

Brits are HD TV numpties

Low-res thinking

Labour MP knocks up crowd-sourced election platform

Watson looks to West Bromwich East for ideas

One fifth of humans say aliens walk among us

80 per cent disagree - presumably extraterrestrials

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook

CommentHey. Maybe this could be useful...

Adobe plots rebound with latest Creative Suite

UpdatedFlash. A-ah. He'll save every one of us.

IBM job cuts go compulsory

Dark days at Big Blue

Video comes to iFart: Eproctophiliacs, sign up here

But what about deaf people?

Apple opens SMS door for third parties

A chink in the revenue armour

Labour manifesto: More ID cards, less NHS IT

New Labour, mostly old policies

Cocaine-hunting robot chopper in 60kg bust seizure

VidFleeing narco-scallywags pursued by tin sky-cop

BBC investigates Richard Madeley's PC panic attack

Locked in basement, awaiting Mandygeddon

Seagate preloads FreeAgent Go with 20 Paramount movies

$9.99 and they're yours

Obama's got a Google problem

The Oompa Loompas are everywhere

Data Domain doubles up on top dedupe

Meet the twins

Pitchman fights to avoid jail for egging on supporters to spam judge

Virtual contempt case tests law

Palm makes eyes at possible purchasers

Someone needs to pony up for the Pre posse

Labour shock pledge: 16.8-meg broadband for ALL by 2012!

The Thick of IT

Man coughs to sex with donkey and horse

That's not how you make a mule, silly

Freetard-targeting Trojan seeks to scam scaredycats

BitTorrenters bitten on bum

Network Solutions mops up after mass WordPress breach

Plenty of blame to go around

Mellanox ships rounded InfiniBand lineup

More switches, pre-tested cables

Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in

'Online shopping for crooks'

Microsoft's unveils 'social' phone for Boho hipsters

Not your dad's Windows work mobile

Popular Facebook game caught serving malvertisements

Rogue AV brought to you by Farm Town

Jobsian email axes early-iPhone support

His Steveness is 'sorry'

Google goes to Blighty for Goggles polish

Borgs Plink visual search startup

Meg Whitman's governor bid yoked to eBay past

'Pile of potential conflicts'

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