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9th > April > 2010 Archive

'Virtual sit-in' tests line between DDoS and free speech

Civil disobedience in the digital age

iPhone 4.0 SDK bars un-Jobsian code translation

Shed another tear for Adobe

Cisco ratchets networking for unified servers

Customer haul

Microsoft: Silverlight youth beats Flash experience

Outta your sandbox

Mozilla betas Flash flak jacket with 'Lorentz'

You down with OOPP?

Has Compellent caught a cold?

Second quarter of depressed earnings likely

LG slashes cost of OLED TVs

Still not cheap, though

Lenovo delays ARM-based netbook?

Extra wait for all-day, always-on mini laptop

DWP admits multiple fraud system failures

9 hours of disruption in 2010

Lenovo intros third-gen netbook

Gets latest Atom

Controlling the fallout of a data loss

Being proactive saves face

Power management and carbon footprints

WorkshopIs it important, is it important to you?

A user's timetable to the Digital Economy Act

P2P: What happens next?

Texas Memory Systems launches 10TB flash array

Doubles previous best

Ofcom consultation brings out the tinfoil hatters

Mobile proposals to summon four horsemen

TalkTalk, ORG see cash from Mandybill chaos

We failed. Give us money

Yahoo! tech! boss! quits!

Company rumoured to be in talks with ex-Microsoft wonk

MS preps 5 Windows critical fixes for busy Patch Tuesday

25 fixes overall

CEOP renews attack on Facebook

'A chosen site for rapists and murderers?'

Austrian takes pickaxe to Street View spymobile

Septuagenarian has hard line on privacy

eBay trumps Tiffany in trade mark ruling

US appeals court: Hosting auctions of fakes doesn't infringe

The great desktop refresh debate

On DemandStick or twist

Murdoch hacks grumble over outsourced IT failures

Freddie Starr ate my email server

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque

Cash this, suggests hacked-off Reg reader

Wi-LAN throws down Bluetooth patent glove

UpdatedNot content with ongoing Wi-Fi suits

Google slots nested labels, sneak peek experiments into Gmail

Shrugs off folders once again

Get ready for the revolution: internet TVs

Connect the set

Labour unfriends Twitter rant candidate

David Cameron a 'tw*t', tweets wannabe MP

China routing snafu briefly mangles interweb

Cockup, not conspiracy

Discovery team wrap first ISS spacewalk

STS-131 mission running smoothly

Tories offer automated boring of friends and neighbours

Turn to Facebook to dodge doorstep abuse

Toshiba teams up with Violin for an enterprise storage revolution

Comment'Leading the MLC charge'

Tory £12bn public sector cuts proposal would claim IT scalps

UK tech industry takes biggest hit

What’s new and improving about IT today?

LabPlus ça change…

World's biggest app store starts stocking shelves

Joint Innovation Lab opens for business

Bribery Act passed by Parliament

Slip us a fiver and we'll tell you all about it

Windows mobile Trojan poses as war game

Shoot 'em up racks up premium rate calls

Java bug exposes users to serious code-execution risk

Researchers disclose because Oracle won't

Wikifounder reports Wikiparent to FBI over 'child porn'

UpdatedNo real people pictured

Super Micro goes platinum

Super efficient white boxes

Nexsan postpones IPO - again

Hello, is the recession back?

Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer

Slow-to-loads get the drop

Fanboi's delight - the top ten free iPad apps

And the top 12 bridesmaids

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