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7th > April > 2010 Archive

AOL to sell or shutter Bebo

$850m mistake

Friends of Ubuntu join hands for cloud watcher

Eye on Koalas eating Eucalyptus

North Korea mobilizes Red Star Linux rollout

Shoddy communist-era construction?

Riverbed slips McAfee firewall into WAN optimizers

One appliance better than two

FTC rallies lawyers over Google mobile ad pact

Antitrust challenge imminent?

Spies caught plundering secret Indian docs

Shadow Network busted

Are you really capable of supporting unified comms?

UCGetting your ducks in a line

Altec Lansing inMotion Compact

ReviewGive your tunes some welly outdoors

Sick of the election already? Get a bet on then

Reg guide to making cash from votes

Sacked Fujitsu boss threatens to sue

Won't go quietly

Orange unpeels fresh biz-friendly mobile broadband plans

Special rates for the working day

Quantum scales up Scalar tape library

Releases i6000

Mandybill set to survive

Photographers rejoice, pirates mourn

Police cuff 70 eBay fraud suspects

Scams caused €800,000 losses

Hitachi offers to double li-ion battery longevity

Twice as long before cell will no longer charge up

Vodafone takes Opera to the masses

Even poor people want mobile internet

Murdoch tells old media to 'stand up' to Google, Bing

News aggregation argy-bargy rumbles on

Lower termination rates will bring pricey data

Good for telcos or punters?

Asset management And Service Management

WorkshopIs there any benefit in linking these?

OCZ prods Z-Drive to go faster

2TB and upgradable flash modules

MPs criticise 'impossible' e-Borders schedule

Legal issues still looming

Israel using Facebook as 'spying tool' in Gaza

My enemy's enemy is my friend

How Labour’s Web2.0rhea cockup helped the photographers

Kumbaya is not a legal defence

Broadband tax scrapped in 'wash-up'

Celebrate with cider

Sky revamps News app for general election

Updates from the hustings

BlackBerry sees iPhone shrink in rear view mirror

Android grows, Palm shrivels

Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB Sata 3 SSD

ReviewSolid state of things to come?

Giant solar-powered aircraft takes to the skies

Solar Impulse sets sights on round-the-world challenge

Apple shrugs to iPad Wi-Fi problems

Try standing nearer the router

Microsoft launches iPad-happy website for wimmin

Ladies night, oh what a site

iPad anti-virus shield guards against phantom threat

'You'll thank us one day'

Google Checkout checks out


US weather meisters buy mini Cray

Getting a foot back into an old door

Adobe mulls changes to close hole in PDF apps

'Powerful functionality' v 'potential risks'

Apple's iPad - the device for execs who create nothing

66 app makers woo office fanbois

Microsoft's web privacy push: 'We're the anti-Google'

Responsible by name, unprofitable by nature

Microsoft's HPC Server 2008 R2 goes beta 2

Matches Linux MPI, snatches Win 7 cycles

IBM widens data analytics fleet

Smartie boxes multiply

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