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2nd > April > 2010 Archive

God of War III

ReviewGreece is the word

Electronic Bodyguards bureau sets up shop in Switzerland

Data protection A-team suits up

PCC bares teeth at bloggers

CommentThen puts them back in glass next to bed

SGI peddles cut-down Altix UV supers

Nehalem for HPC

Bush-authored warrantless wiretapping suffers abrupt defeat

No secret, no case

Is Novarra Nokia's advertising play?

There's a lot more to it than a browser

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles Part The Third

Episode 3He's in the money merde...

Software engineer demands source of his speeding collar

UpdatedCode slip?

Engine Yard scripts JRuby brain trust support plan

Java-world bargain

Cray nabs $45m nuke lab petaflops super deal

Panasas in the Cielo

IT losses despite US economic thaw

Pays to be a house builder

Buzzed Gmail outs Googly ties of Obama's deputy CTO

Ex-Googler hoist by Mountain View's own petard

Microsoft cuts 'Series' lump from Windows Phone 7

Can't, stop, self, from, fiddling

Computer pioneer and Gates mentor Ed Roberts dies

Top Altair 8800 fans log tributes

Developers turn sour on Apple iPad

Well, as sour as a world of fanbois can get

El Reg April Fools 2010

All the gags, after the fact

Mozilla: 'no plans' to bundle Flash with Firefox

Google it ain't

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