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Microsoft clutches open source to its corporate heart

New GM vows end to religious war

AMD tempts gamers with multi-monitor Eye candy

One card, six displays, one billion pixels

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700


Palm Pre


Motorola Milestone


HTC Touch Pro 2


LG InTouch Max GW620


Nokia E72


Nokia N97 Mini


Samsung Omnia Pro


Sony Ericsson Aspen


Qwerty Smartphones: Best Buys

Group TestReg Hardware recommends...

Irish civil rights group takes aim at iPad launch

April FoolGaelic speakers want to give Apple a good boxing

If internet had existed before we were born would we be here now?

April FoolWeb is like a pizza box, for sure

Buyer's Guide: Qwerty Smartphones

Group TestThe Pros and Cons

Qwerty Keyboard Smartphones

Group TestNine phones for typing on

Google to digitize world+dog with People View

April FoolPhysical ad targeting

Associated Newspapers, GMG to pool newsrooms

April FoolMail and Guardian trial Write once, Read everywhere

Watchdog proposes network-to-network call cost cut

Termination rates must be slashed, says Ofcom

Mobile calls to get much cheaper - probably

Knock down terminations, but no direct routing


April FoolsElite troops confront 'response' to 7 TeV collisions

iPad includes hyberbole generator, first reviews show

Mac fans like Apple products shock

BBC, big business leer creepily at orphan works

MandybillHang on. Are you a library?

NHS IT misses another deadline

Time to call Dignitas

Western Digital pips Toshiba to platter post

Sings like canary on souped-up Scorpio Black

New Reg comments system ready to launch

April FoolForums a la mod - or not, as you prefer

Conficker zombies celebrate 'activation' anniversary

Anti-climactic Downadup gets one bump

Mole: international iPad out on 24 April

Reviewers: we like it

BT mops up after flood and fire

Deploys elite special ops Land Rover folds over Ordnance Survey map data

Lets developers mashup tumulus

UK competition authority probes Amazon

Move to John Lewis pricing pisses off sellers

Toshiba takes Violin Memory stake

New flash string to its bow

Sky posts 3D TV pub finder

Where will you be watching the big game?

Stats Agency savages Brown over immigration claims

Gives Tories a nasty nip too

Cash-strapped trolley dollies in nude calendar protest

NSFWGive us our wages, demand disrobed Spanish fillies

Ukrainian cybercrime-friendly ISP hit by fire after clean-up

How curious

Ofcom asks for dibs on Olympic DAB stations

I see you have 6Music on your CV here

Pink Floyd remastered for Nintendo Entertainment System

Dark Side of the 8-bit Moon

Apple QuickTime update blocks media player bugs

Bad timing?

Open Rights Group raises Flash Mob… of 7

Take that, pigopolists

Unified comms means a unified technical approach

UCLet’s all play together nicely now

OS free data splurge lacks public sector licensing deal

Wander round in circles till finds a direction

Verizon and IBM join forces for private cloud backup

Managed Data Vault is go

Police IT quango chief to quit

Beat it

IBM goes elephant with Nehalem-EX iron

Massive memory for racks and blades

Apple drops HTML from iPhone and iPad

April FoolJobs conjures iHTML

PCs, servers push Micron to profits

Recovery from meltdown

Microsoft slings mud at Google Chrome

Accuses browser rival of 'stealing privacy'

Apple files 'in your face' iPhone patent

USPTO humorfest?

iPad apps flood Apple's App Store

UpdatedAprès samedi le déluge

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