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24th > March > 2010 Archive

Oracle slots Berkeley DB into Google's Android

Application lover

Big Phone to US: 'Give us spectrum. Then shut up'

But first, some 4G action

Oracle duo pitch for Java's lifeblood

Old-guard/new-guard moment

Yes, Internet Explorer is on the wane in Europe

Post ballot screen slippage

Bill Gates goes (mini) nuclear

Backs 'small reactor' startup

Ubuntu shops prefer the bleeding edge

Sunshine on a cloudy day

BlueArc extending its circle

CommentNow for the entry entry-level

LaCie LaCinema MiniHD

ReviewSmall box, big picture

Police reject Tory plans for elected chiefs

US-style votes not popular with plod

Customise the app or modify your business?

Mini PollERP selection philosophy and practicality?

You think unified comms is just about productivity?

WorkshopTime to think again

Sure Signal not so sure

Vodafone leaves the disconnected disconnected

Oops: Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship

Exclusive'Dracula's in charge of the blood bank'

Samsung founder's kid back at the wheel

Two-year tax-evasion penance served

Eye-Fi launches X2 wireless SD cards in UK

Network connections for your camera

BCS turns down e-signature petition

EGM demand must be handwritten, insist musty by-laws

Samsung unveils Android 2.1 smartphone

Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi on board

Train rebrand costs us dear

Control F?

Nintendo confirms 3D handheld console coming

No special glasses needed, firm pledges

MIT boffins on track of portable 60-watt seawater desalinator

Water, water everywhere - and every drop to drink

Palm OS on an iPhone - there's an app for that

But not in the iTunes App Store

Reg readers feel the squeeze in 2010 IT budgets

Calling all belt-tighteners - how is it for you?

Facebook gives you the clap: Official

Status: discharging

Zurich Insurance promises changes after data loss

Promises to pull socks up, won't do it again

Philips preps Freeview HD set-top pair

UpdatedFirst box out next month

Revealed: the unstoppable rise of the LCD TV

Explosive growth unhindered by plasma, OLED

US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

Swimming, stacking ISO containers: Just add SEALs

May the SandForce be with LSI and Seagate

LSI/Seagate PCIe flash uses SandForce controller

EMC new storage federation box named V-Plex?

The tea leaves say so

Pre-election budget targets politics, not policy

BudgetBut bad news for trampagne drinkers, Darling?

Foreign Office changes tourist advice after Israeli inquiry

UpdatedCareful with your passports

Dell mainstreams cloud servers

Not sold over the Big Gray Cloud

Free anti-virus scanner hits the cloud

Ooh! Wafty!

Getting drunk the night before has no effect on exam results

Tipsy students unaffected by 7-pint sessions

Microsoft sneak peeks freshened comms server

New unification due end of year

Google auto-alerts Gmailers to suspicious log-ins

Compromised account warning

FBI cyber cop says 'very existence' of US under threat

As DHS and NSA ratchet 'Einstein' intrusion detector

HP juices gamestations with Intel 'Westmeres'

Mo' better cores

Oracle endorses faster Java changes

EclipseCon 2010Catch Goopache if you can

Red Hat all black in Q4

Novell turns envy green

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