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23rd > March > 2010 Archive

Netlist's HyperCloud memory gets Wall Street's blessing

Raises $14.1m in stock sale

Google open sources web app security scanner

Skipfish released from captivity argues it can't be sued for negligence

We were negligent. But it wasn't gross

Home Office takes non-action against phone pinchers

Does nothing new to stop green thieves maybe making a mint

HTC Legend

ReviewHit or myth?

Google accused over China censorship

Broke written promise

OFT to examine BBC's Canvas

World domination placed on pause

Gelsinger paid more than the boss at EMC

Hey Joe, say it ain't so

'Perpetual' software licence doesn't last forever, rules court

Either party can terminate

iSoft finance boss barred

Banned and charged costs

Polaroid enthusiasts unveil new instant film

Time to dust off your SX-70

Toshiba to build new flash fab

NAND then there was more

MP welcomes Southwest One-IBM review

'Local authorities should take extra care'

Penalty for silent calling goes sky high

Two million reasons not to call

Unfashionable DDoS attacks still menace websites

New research aims to demystify attacks

Sky blames network problems for site blocking


Mozilla swats Firefox zero-day bug a week early

Have that, German government

SanDisk flips out 32GB mobile phone card

World's highest capacity

YouTube scraps real-time search prototype

'I am eating baked beans while tying my shoelaces'

Council deforests beauty spot to combat dogging

No more kicks on the A666

Government faces four more days of HP strikes

Still a sauce spot, etc

IPS turns to asylum for help with ID scheme database

Coming over here, stealing our Big Brother databases...

Hardware biggest cause of HDD failure, says Freecom

Launches low-cost data recovery service

IBM faces mainframe biz European antitrust probe

Blues joué par des musiciens blancs

SA news outlet deploys sh*t London Olympics logo

LogoWatchForget the Lisa Simpson BJ, this really sucks

BT ordered to share telegraph poles for fast broadband

Your fibre optics are not your own

Virgin Media downed by thick Leeds 'copper' crooks

Er, that's glass, lads

Telcos to deliver VaaS

Funny or sad?

Britain expels diplomat over faked passports in Hamas hit row

Spy games

The Register Guide to improving systems agility

Ten tips on steering the right course

Chinese gamer survives knife through skull

At the sharp end of net cafe Counter Strike row

Branson's SpaceShipTwo rocketplane gets off ground

Remains firmly mated with mother, though

Sagem readies Freeview HD DVRs

Recording HD programming next month

Verizon to launch less than brill billing service

Paying with your phone online? Meh

Teen's mobe loaded with X-rated smut

CpW repair job ends in couples on the job

Opera Mini hits iTunes, awaits Apple verdict

Mobile browsing's never been so interesting

Google takes China-buffed halo to Oz

Oh yeah, who's bad?

US couple jailed for TV shoplifting brag

You fenced Lego on eBay? Do tell Dr Phil...

Cray's midrange line big on Xeons, GPUs

Packing some Nehalem-EX punch blames Israel for cloning passports in Dubai hit

It's not my mess!

China hits back at Google's uncensored Hong Kong servers

Searches disabled or links blocked

US city holds outdoor Google worship service

Appeals to web god with eco-friendly glow sticks

Your health, tax, and search data siphoned

Software-as-a-service springs SSL leak

Apple, Google, world+dog named in mobile patent suit

Shocker: may not be baseless

IBM kills off second-gen Cell blade server

Power chips will do the math

Senate bill seeks crack down on cybercrime havens

Economic penalties for 'countries of concern'

Amazon uncloaks sky-high Java kit

Total Eclipse of the cloud

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