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18th > March > 2010 Archive

Madoff geeks charged for writing book-cooking code

'House 17' and the secret algorithm

Energizer battery rechargers still haunted by trojan backdoor

Really does keep going and going

Steve Jobs' latest honors: TV, icons, fromage

Cheesehead of the decade

Hidden Windows 7 costs worry upgraders

Compatibility downer

Dell Vostro V13

ReviewA business box to get your pulse racing - surely not?

Police National Database will have audit trail

Tabs to be kept

Do ERP projects ever end?

WorkshopJust how much of an ongoing burden are they?

Dealing with the virtual hype

LabTeasing the education from the evangelism

Signal Lake rescues InPhase

Holographic light at end of the tunnel

'Google TV' plants Chrome on Android set-top

Sony and Intel join plan to rule world with ads

Yahoo! buys! fantasy! sports! site!

Still searching for social success

Making life easier for the road warrior

WorkshopDelivering stability for the movers

'Death knell' for Eye-o-Sauron™ US border stare-towers

Hobbit Huddled-mass detectors cop an axeing auction delayed

Lawyers step in to block bargain sale

Amazon posts Kindle for Mac

Buy and read e-books in OS X

Ex-worker blamed for car immobilisation hack

Repo man rampage

Bare-chested Shetlander welcomes Google with open fingers

Evidently unimpressed with Street View spymobile

Facebook faces Home Sec over lack of 'panic button'

UpdatedPressing the issue

Google extends ARM to browser natives

Native Client plug-in goes portable

Apple bins iPhone covers

Have a proper touchscreen in the naughty naked nude

HTC 'disagrees' with Apple patent theft claim

Response short on denials, righteous indignation

Berners-Lee says rate countries by data sharing

When open gov attacks

Minister: Banks should give ID cards to people with no money

Can't prove who you are? Here's £30 quid then...

Peer 1 Hosting puts up for Reg space mission

Site NewsVulture 1 gets backing

Supersonic stealth jumpjet achieves its first mid-air hover

VidsBrit test pilot balances on roaring columns of hot air

Net downloads cause 'millions of lost jobs'

I remember when it was all Aeron chairs around here...

Two jailed for smutty texts

Quite right too

Nashville cops trade fire with leprechaun

Two bank robbers shot dead after St Patrick's Day heist

One in four UK schoolkids admits hacking

Pre-teenage kicks

Aussie smoko-proofing drug prevents ill effects of cigs

Well, most of them

FCC shows off spectrum map

Dashboard in beta

BBC launches massively parallel Tweet-in

Speak Your Brains... we'll translate

Fed skewers Google over Tweetbookish Gmail mod

The Buzz on private envelope pushing

'Racist' job ad sparks investigation

'Indian preferred'

UK net 'more resilient' than other EU states

Lords encourage Europe to catch up

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers

Microsoft Windows 7? 'It's free'

Boffins peg co-polymers for cheap chip construction

Molecule lithography breakthrough

VMware cuts entry vSphere prices

Spring sale for SMBs

Hobbit cameras start rolling in July

Guillermo del Toro poised for action, says Gandalf

Telmap links up with BlueSky

They really have got GPS working on a SIM!

Facebook warns over password reset scam

Galloping Trojans ahoy

ISS pair return to terra firma

Back home after five-and-a-half months aloft

IBM chops high-end Power6 server tags

Not deeply enough

Apple board member Jerry York dies at 71

Turned IBM around, predicted GM's demise

Windows Server to get dynamic memory with R2 SP1

Virtual desktop mashup with Citrix

Court bars charges against teen who posed semi-nude

Sanity enters 'sexting' crusade

Palm: revenues up, expectations down

'Deeply disappointing'

Windows Phone 7 Series gets Timotei rinse

Microsoft gets crunchy

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