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12th > March > 2010 Archive

Steve Jobs Flash rant put to the test

CPU hog Adobe v HTML5

Sarah Palin to testify in email hack trial

After Yahoo! breach 'paralyzed' Veep campaign

Mozilla births first Thunderbird 3.1 beta

Pushes Firefox update

Nikon D3s

ReviewA shot in the dark?

Euro Parliament threatens court action over ACTA secrecy

Demands to be kept in the loop

Clinton report warns human rights are online too

Repression now includes the web

Vodafone hands out free books

If you have the right kind of phone

Turkey cuffs 23 'militant' hacker suspects

PKK s'kiddies

HMRC may get hands on missing bank data

Poacher turns gamekeeper

Elon Musk's Falcon 9 suffers rocketus interruptus in pad test

Backfires, blows cloud of soot, but won't start

Light bulbs inspire boffins to find fast data transfer trick

Many lights make bytes work

Buffalo brings blingy bullion-branded drive

Goldfinger's favourite?

Mozilla gives passive-aggressive missive to pre-Firefox 3.6 hold-outs

Upgrade now, thankyouplease

Police issue lock-up-your-chihuahuas killer owl warning

European flying beast threatens Wiltshire

Hold onto your pants it's iPad pre-order day

Early adopters get up early

UK shoppers ignorant of online rights

But Brits busiest e-shoppers in Europe

AMD to pitch Fusion chip at netbooks, ultrathins

'Bobcat'-based CPUs out in 2011

Former model sues Universal over 'x-rated prop' outrage

Couples Retreat actor cracks one off to bikini-clad Russian

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles part 2

Episode 2A poisoned chalice

McAfee inadvertently speeds creation of Metaploit IE exploit pack

Unsanitised blog laid exploit hunt clues

Ofcom smears 3G across spectrum

900, 1800MHz approval in August

Microsoft offers SMEs cash to use Dynamics ERP software

Claims NetSuite not so

Barclaycard and Orange plot NFC Christmas

But not saying how, or when

Sony PlayStation Move: your questions answered

What you need to know about the Wii-style PS3 accessory

GCHQ loses Top Secret laptops

And struggles to recruit net experts

NZ internet filter goes live - gov forgets to tell public

The rise of the secret censor

Virtualisation and vendor support

LabWhat happens when you have a problem?

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

Traditional Gloucester hill stampede canned

OCZ's low price Onyx SSD

Slips under $100 price point

Info Commissioner pleads with Tories to jail data thieves

Third time lucky

SSD tools crack passwords 100 times faster

Ultra brute force attack

Hedge fund suitor denies Novell asset sale rumors

Elliott wants it all - especially the cash

Currys claims 3D TV 'first'

'We're taking orders,' chirps retailer

Female porn director turned pol grabs Kent by the ballots

OpinionLib Dem wants X’s in the box

Virgin contractors grip up for more cuts

Another 15 per cent off

Body of James Brown disappears from family tomb

The hardest working corpse in show business

Sharp prices up Freeview HD set-tops

Bring-your-own-storage DVR too

Safari update cages numerous security bugs

Code inject and info flaws fixed

Doctor Who to materialise on Wii this Autumn


Giant flying pliers menace West Bromwich

Street View captures transdimensional DIY moment

'Twitter gives voice to the voiceless' - eg the US President

Twitter sensation follows Chief Twit's amazing claims

China warns Google over uncensored search threat

Stop filtering and 'you will bear the consequences'

Google Wave opens extensions gallery

Beefs 'robot' API

Ford preps anti-hacking tech for in-car WiFi

Sync My Ride

Trojan armed with hardware-based anti-piracy control

Zeus borrows page from Microsoft

Netflix cancels recommendation contest over privacy

Not as anonymous as you think

ICANN delays decision on pornography domain

.xxx must wait. Yet again

Programmer gets 4 years in TJX hack case

Dirty laundry delivered via FedEx

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