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9th > March > 2010 Archive

Microsoft rejiggers EU browser ballot after complaints

Random choices now random

US spreads Web2.0rhea to Iran, Sudan, Cuba

This Tweet kills fascists

Android native code kit apes iPhone game 3D

Graphics beyond Java

Nazi-doodlebug-powered father of all paintball guns patented

Invention made in 'exploding turnip' town. Coincidence?

Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA

Nvidia GPUs sit up and bark

Tilera wins VC from Broadcom, Quanta, NTT

Cash for homegrown multicores

Mobile-phone wallet stymied by lack of understanding

Either that or people just don't care

Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron

Indignation logic short-circuit threatens democracy

Vodafone cuts more staff

More shop assistants, fewer management

Intel Euro boss pledges Brussels-friendly marketing funds

Still got a whole lot of love for white box sellers

Virtualisation and the private cloud

LabAt last, the C word

Florida woman prangs car while shaving her privates

Muff driving incident astounds Highway Patrol

Tories promise medals not money for science and R&D

Hooverpreneur promises cultural change

Vodafone ships Mariposa-infected HTC Magic

UpdatedAndroid phone comes riddled with bots

Toshiba Satellite U500 Ducati Edition

ReviewSuperbike performance?

What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?

Samsung's iPhone pitch comes to life

Windows 7 speculation claims SP1 will land in Q4 2010

Pretty much slotting into Microsoft's typical roadmap, then...

Employers call for end to Mickey Mouse degrees

Send fewer to uni, charge 'em more

Kentucky woman breastfeeds sheriff's deputy

Third degree assault rap for 'biohazard' mam squirt

Cisco promises to 'forever change the internet'

Stock jumps as rumors fly

UK still lousy on electronic nosiness

Report shows state of international surveillance heavyweights

Critical bug does a Custer on Apache for Windows

Old warrior clobbered

Android - the winning formula for tablets and netbooks?

It's the only game in town, says the maker of the other iPad

Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest

CommentHas gov gotten cold feet on ID scanning centres?

Tories ask: Why BBC3, BBC4?

Is this the wrong question?

Open source boss quits Sun Oracle

Simon Phipps rides out of Ellison town

Doctors tell government to stop the health records roll-out

SCR ain't ready for primetime

Nokia killed free navigation, alleges EU complaint

The fall of Nav4All

Smartphone app botnet experiment blows up a storm

WeatherFist shows phone vulnerability, devs claim

PS3 will outsell Wii by 2013

Cumulative sales win for Sony, says analyst

Terracotta's Ehcache back-ends Hibernate

Web Sessions gets some tweaks, too

FA launches security probe after England team bugged

Lancaster Gate-gate

Dell intros restyled biz laptops

Vostro 3000 line debuts

New Internet Explorer code-execution attacks go wild

IE 6 and 7 users targeted

Google tests TV set-top search, says report

Satellite TV meets YouTube meets online ad machine

Cisco 'forever changes internet' with... a router

322 Tbps of bandwidth (not quite) here

It's official: Adobe Reader is world's most-exploited app

The new Microsoft

Apple's draconian developer docs revealed

The first rule of iPhone Club is...

Pillar juices flash drive box

Reliability boost roadmap

Fraud-prevention service ponies up $12m for 'false' ads

Agrees to safeguard customer data

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