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5th > March > 2010 Archive

Google says desktop PC is three years from 'irrelevance'

'We succeed because we celebrate failure'

Israeli raid scrubbed after errant Facebook post

Loose tweets sink fleets

YouTube: Auto-captions for everyone

All toe they donuts work prefect Lee

Canon EOS 7D

ReviewSlick shooter with HD video done right

Photographers rue Mandy's copyright landgrab

'Orphan factory' benefits big business

Brain scanners to be used to 'design' political candidates

MRI 'Neuromarketing' - ads which read your mind

Mars Express skims past Phobos

ESA has close encounter with Red Planet 'rubble pile'

HDMI tunes into 3D TV broadcasts

Standard updated

Patch Tuesday will leave F1 hole unpatched

Light spring sprinkle follows deluge

Microsoft to launch incompatible telephone


Sony serves up Mothers' Day e-book reader deal

By your ma a viewer, get free books

iPad to feast on Flash...

...starving SSDs of storage

US weather-watching sat blasts off

GOES-P is go

Argos buries unencrypted credit card data in email receipts

Laminated catalogue of errors

HP pushes converged IT for all

Flat-pack kit with packaged services bolted on

Dibble gets mobile dabs checker

US firm wins multi-million contract

STEC becalmed as Fusion-io streaks ahead

CommentEMC over-ordering breaks STEC's run

Sony takes aim at Apple iPhone, iPad

PSP phone rumours restoked

Google pumps out Chrome build which knows where you are

Dev-only browser, now with added tracking

Beeb deletes iPlayer app from iPhone

Lawyers go for developers

FT shock discovery: EU Google probe has MS link

Google 'Borg persecuting us' campaign gathers pace

Anti-binge drinking ads add to binge drinking

Yes, I feel guilty, now pour me three large doubles

Compliance bods treat Cebit to watersports

'I could hit it from that distance also' German brags

9TB in 20 minutes? Sign me up!

IBM hails 'breakthrough' algorithm

NASA flying car engineer shoots down Reg coverage

FoTW'Spouting nonsense' 'making crap up' 'I am not obsessive'

David Atherton on football, why mags beat Google, and what he's doing next

Interview Part 2'One of Britain's richest vs Dabs? No contest'

Apple revises iPad ship date

For Americans only - Brits will have to wait

Mystery of alleged MI6 traitor's data theft

AnalysisHave you superglued the USB ports, Bond?

Could Vodafone nab 3 UK after T-Orange merger?

Hutchison 'looking for options'

Mystic Met Office abandons long range forecasts

They're rubbish, and they've run out of tea leaves

Aussie hoaxer strikes again

UpdatedAre Australian police really like this?

BBC claims angry iPlayer plugin mob 'conflated' open source term

'Unfortunate' XBMC community caught in crossfire

'Negatively strange' antihypermatter made out of gold

Atomsmash boffins' reverse alchemy bizarro-stuff triumph

Another 36,000 US jobs lost in February

Mixed bag for the IT sub-sectors

Man of God backs Beverley porncoder

As local MP lays into Hull Daily Mail

Scareware sellers fool Google with file switch

Replacing pdfs with dodgy Flash files

E-book buyers favour iPad over Kindle and co.

Owners wished they'd waited for the Apple offering

US judge puts freeze on Apple-Nokia patent kerfuffle

Let the feds sort it

Think software patching is a hassle? You're not alone

Help on the way

Gartner says world will buy 10.5m tablets in 2010

Dons rose colored glasses for PC forecast

Microsoft sends flowers to IE6 funeral

'Thanks for the good times...'

Opera says bug probably can't commandeer machines

Get your DEP here just in case

Microsoft unplugs middling Windows server

Windows EBS on the way out

Firefox alpha dons Flash flak jacket

Ditto 'elite' Jobsian beta testers

Google to plug self into Microsoft Office

Mountain View remakes Redmond in own image

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