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3rd > March > 2010 Archive

Google: 'no timetable' on China talks

We will stop censoring when we stop

Hedge fund offers $1bn for Novell

Private parts

Apple schemes mobile movie streams

As Netflix mulls iPhone app

Google 'personalizes' one in five searches

Eye on your history, your location, your friends

Cray to super engineer Microsoft clouds

Azure turns to green

Force10 Networks files for IPO

10 Gigabit yields 143.8 megabucks

Samsung HMX-U10

ReviewCompact HD camcorder

IT jobs jump shows hope for UK economy

Redundancy fears remain

Oracle/Sun ditches HDS

Merger fallout begins

Google shakes empty YouTube piggy bank

Square eyes squaredHopes to convince rights holders Content ID is king

Intel: Just 3,000 employees run Windows 7

CebitAnd you should bin 4 year old PCs

Typing merely by thinking - plugless brainjack kit invented

Socket in your head? Touchscreen? Get with it, grandad

Swedish pothead reports LSD-laced hash

Girlfriend turned into a dolphin, cops told

German court rejects police data snooping store

Leaves Euro spooks in limbo

Internet Explorer 8 still not mingling well with 2,000 highly-visited sites

Standards aren't what they used to be

Orange backs Intel-Nokia Linux drive

New supporter for Meego

Brass necked suspect swallows USB evidence

Police get to bottom of bank scammer

Naomi Campbell bitchslaps NY limo driver

WSABattling Streatham clotheshorse in alleged punch-and-run

EOS 5D Mk II DLSR to be more cinema friendly

Canon preps firmware update

German geeks invade Australia

CebitStill space for Brit techies, says Aussie senator

Apple turns the flamethrower on Android

AnalysisIf you tolerate this your handset will be next

Virgin, 3 tease with Nokia X6 deals

Music phone offers

Apple iPad on sale 26 March, says staffer

Insiders get a sneak peek 16 days beforehand

LibDems back copyright takedowns

MandybillLast minute amendment spooks ISPs

Overland Storage bags Barrall

Executive officer, sir

David Atherton: 'I don't miss Dabs'

Interview Part 1Missed it the first time? Here it is again

WD shipping consumer SSDs

Looking for silicon edge

Forget SETI, this is how you find aliens: Hefty prof speaks

The truth is out there. Or maybe in here, actually

Microsoft claims 90m sales of Windows 7

'Fastest selling OS in history', apparently

Street View spymobiles invade CeBIT

CeBITGoogle woos Germans with touchy-feely paintjob

Yahoo! chief! produces! magician's! hat! on! 15th! birthday!

Still praying for rabbits and sparkly dust in Apple-wannabe-comeback

Rescuing Palm?

Verizon blamed for wonderphone's flop

Novell mulls hedge fund takeover

Send in the bankers and lawyers

How FBI, police busted massive botnet

Analysis12m zombie machines run by 3 admins

Acer predicts end of cheap PC era

Consumers get bitten in the ASP

MS confirms 'F1 to pwn' IE bug

Looking for help can be dangerous

VMware to pony up $400m for buybacks

EMC to maintain 80% stake

Hero update blocks Marketplace

HTC won't fix, blames Orange

Russian Olympic boss walks plank

Threat of Gulag evidently effective

Google Research head dubs holy PageRank 'over-hyped'

Norvig mum on 'Caffeine' search shot

DARPA asks you to cram petaflops super into single rack

To dream the ExtremeScale dream

Canonical betas Ubuntu music store

Windows Media downloads 'not recommended'

Dell flogs its 'zero client'

PC-over-IP rolls into FX100 boxes

IBM closer to chips with frickin' laser beams

Debuts teeny-tiny optical detector

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