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26th > February > 2010 Archive

Senators to NASA: Get your ass to Mars

Lawmakers blast agency for lack o' vision

Novell: Linux finally breaks even

An open source milestone

Windows server revenue outpaced Linux in Q4

Perfect storm plays out

Fanboi Opera lovers get 10.5 beta

Mini on the iPhone? Still waiting

Gmail error hops on POP

Importing issues hit mail service

More workers poisoned by supplier for Apple, Nokia

Nokia responds. Apple doesn't

ICO to investigate surveillance for Parliamentary report

But who watches the watchdog?

Marathon reels in another $6.5m

How to tackle Microsoft, VMware

Pentax K-x

ReviewPhoto finesse?

ID cards: the first year report

The czar reports

Virgin Media admits broadband upgrade 'confusion'

But consumers need to act when their contract ends

Experts rubbish iPhone for health use

It's not a cure-all - it's barely even a phone

Lara Croft walks rings round Derby City

Home town heroine has road named after her

Cleversafe beats RAID/replication scale trap

Distributed slices of data

Supersonic stealth jumpjet makes 'short landing'

VidComes down Royal Navy style, lids flipped and rolling

Patterned storage media almost sewn up

CommentInsulate those bits

Final shuttle rocket test goes without a bang

While NASA preps Discovery for Tuesday roll-out

BBC to cull radio stations, halve websites in painful biz review

6 Music, Asian Network up for chop, says report

Latvian hacker tweets hard on banking whistle

Fat cat pay leaked all over the Baltics

IBM offers voluntary redundo - two days into 'consultation'

Well, you don't hang about do you

Sony ships Freeview HD Bravia TVs

Dozens of models to choose from

Bringing P2P in from the cold

InterviewChris Castle catches up with El Reg

Computer boffin on NHS Spine: Get out while you can

Summary Care Record summarily slammed

Mandy accused of screwing small biz

Giving more money to Google not good for Brits, is it?

Microsoft slams nails in Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000

Switching off life support, left to breathe alone

EU rattles sabre at Street View

Warn people you're coming, Google told

US Navy SEALs' new airlock minisub - made in Blighty

Brit knowhow cracks 'exploding iPod' battery-inferno snag

Twitter hits fan as scams smite banks, cabinet ministers

Harman gets hacked, Miliband's account peddles penis pills

Cyberspooks sceptical on's IT cost-cutting plans

ExclusiveCloud threatened by security risks, says GCHQ

Microsoft inks IP licensing exFAT deal with Panasonic

Not a Flash in the pan

Suits 2.0 will survive BBC's 'purge'

CommentOnly the lamest survive

Bulgarian airbag absorbs semi-automatic rifle round

Implant saves US woman's life, plastic surgeon claims

NatWest suffers calamitous online banking breakdown

But flack insists system never actually died on arse

Fujitsu strike is off

Concessions on pay and pensions end four month strike

Jobs: I'll decide what to do with Apple's $40bn cash pile

Smaug, Marner, Croesus? They never invented the iPhone

Ofcom decides it can't decide on spare spectrum

8MHz left fallow after 6 months of faff

'Promiscuous slapper fruitfly sluts prevent mass extinctions'

NSFWFIAlso: Ant royalty 'devious', implicated in BO-based plots

O2 revamps Sim-only tariffs for end-of-contract iPhone owners

Owners of other smartphones can apply too

O2 intros 'light use' mobile broadband deal

1GB a month, on a one-month contract

eBay Germany faces PayPal probe

Ich nichten lichten

Samsung joins the Skype-TV crowd

Two-way telly becomes a reality

Microsoft and the Windows Phone 7 noise machine

Radio RegThe importance of being 'relevant'

IBM quietly shoves ISS wares into Tivoli

Services only, please

Gay site says bank shut account over 'objectionable' blog

'Citibank is not so Fabulis'

Parallels fondles Steve Jobs' bare metal

VMs gets cozy with Apple Xserve

Microsoft warns over rogue Security Essentials

Not flattered

Facebook patents user news feed

Zuckerberg owns Web 2.0 stalking

Apple uncovers child workers in its plants

iPod, iPhone, and Mac makers quizzed

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