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24th > February > 2010 Archive

Comcast (finally) brings security extensions to DNS

Now, if we could just lock down the roots

IBM services help complicate cloud's horizon

Prey you got some systems nerds

Yahoo! turns! Twitter! firehose! on! self!

Web2.0rhea insta-search

Let us legally rip discs, campaigner tells govt

Consumer Focus calls for copyright law rewrite

Juniper dangles $50m carrot over Junos

Come all ye partners

Netezza to bake analytics into appliances

Big math chews big data

Xerox sues Google and Yahoo! over patentspeak

Stay off my apparatus for the integration of information!

Toshiba Camileo S20

ReviewHD video on a budget

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx to Facebook and Twitter you

Five-year bling plan

EC sharpens long Google probe

Three complaints under investigation

IBM plugs Netcool into Juniper's Space

Big Blue service management for Junos

Copan assets scooped up by SGI

SGI refuge for battered MAID

BBC iPlayer rejects open source plugins, takes Flash-only path

ExclusiveBe safe: Use Adobe content protection, kids

Logica hits targets for 2009

Low targets admittedly, but hey

Mad Aus gov accuses Sydney hacks of hacking

You hit page refresh! That's... that's an exploit!

Rom-coms, period dramas are rubbish: Mathematical proof

Chaos theory shows action movies are the purest art

Google snubs Chinese Android developers

Hong Kong? Phooey!

Banking industry worker faces cosh over anonymous rant

Busted over Chip'n'PIN diatribe against Cambridge boffins

Elgato intros networked HD-capable TV tuner

Misses trick - no Freeview HD support

VDI: Desktop problem obliterator?

CommentNot without lots of work and plenty risk

Acer extends laptop warranty for overseas travel

Full year of cover provided

Tandberg goes atomic on NAS

Dedupe, iSCSI and NAS, oh my

iPad nearly had video conferencing?

Software support, hardware lacking, probably

Google execs protest Italian guilty verdicts

Beating a disabled child should stay private

Antitrust incoming? Google hit by EU complaint, FCC filing

Turning search into powerful marketing channel for own services, claims Foundem

Belkin preps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adaptors

ExpressCard ahoy!

Mandybill: innocence restored, fines for copyright cockups

MandybillYou mean I can finish this download?

Lingerie model ran 'Charlie Angels' drug gang

Argentinian police seek scantily-clad cocaine cartel boss

Google profits from's climate change quango rivalry

Bidding circle-jerk confession

Mozilla warns of 'Microsoft monoculture' in South Korea

Lemur web saviour flutters very big eyes

Google Books loses lions of literature

Whoa there, Jeffrey Archer is out? I'm out too

Hordes of new threats ahead for mobile networks

Faked femtocells will eff up your ess

IBM diligently adds mainframe dedupe

Let's not get physical

What's on the mind of the Freetard eBookworm?

Pirate download chart reveal hobbies, habits and hopes

Silicon Valley hypegasm for miracle shoebox powerplants

Analysis'No emissions - too good to be true?' Well yes, actually

Ofcom probes TV climate porn

But too late to save Drowning Dog

Montblanc's Gandhi pen run out

Indian court mulls legality of luxury writing device

HP-Cisco split allows competitors to pick up pieces

Force10 hopes to benefit from wind of change

HP puts own man in charge of ex-EDS

Keeping it simple

Pocketgear, Handango join to create app store giant

Only Apple and Google now tower over new merged beast

US unveils planet-hugging London embassy

Glass diplocube to trumpet 'transparency, openness, and equality'

Creaky old Windows flaw rises, divides doommongers

It's either no biggie, or hot buttered death

Gartner report card gives high marks to x64, blades

Unix, Sun, Eastern Europe? Not so much

Twishers reel in 'distracted' Boing Boing blogger

Hook, (coffee) line, and sinker

Microsoft aims thin clients at the classroom

UpdatedWindows Terminal Services reborn

PayPal opens polls on developer X games

Race for $50,000 gets hot

Linux kernel R&D worth over 1bn euros

Spanish boffins put value on penguin

Cray inks $45m super pact with DoD

So, three Bakers enter the Pentagon...

HyTrust nets $10.5m in funding

Cisco Systems now a good buddy

3 Bulgarians charged in 44-day ATM hacking spree

Skimming proceeds top $137,000

Apple prepping 'Explicit' App Store?

Puritanical purge continues

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