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23rd > February > 2010 Archive

Google unveils one ad server to rule them all

Combines DoubleClick, native ad manager

UK government won't be keeping mobile database

Leave that to the network operators

ODF's doomed mission to break into Microsoft Office

What would you do?

Chuck Norris botnet doesn't infect routers... stares them down until they infect themselves

TomTom Go 550 Live

ReviewA move in the right direction

Server makers end 2009 on a high normal

CommentPumping X64 iron

Google restarts China talks

New Year break over

SanDisk and Seagate shipping big ones

SD card and SATA hard drive

Apple strips top shelf, leaves corporate smut in place

It ain't dirty if it's big business

WALL-E spaceliner smart hoverchairs debut in Japan

Humanity's future as morbidly obese drones is assured

Assessing your server virtualisation needs

LabIs your IT environment ready?

Car thieves making clean getaway with GPS jammers

Pedal to the signal meddle

Logitech claims 'first' three-year wireless keyboard battery life

Type for yonks

US must redesign killer hot dogs

Will no one think of the choking children?

Acer cautious over e-book reader roll-out

Not sure there's enough money in it

Brocade drops the Ethernet ball

Record quarterly results, but...

Nexus One in trigger-happy 999-dialling bother

Google handset has hysterics after update

MPs bash broadband tax

Rural subsidies 'unfair' and 'regressive'

Polygamist Microsoft picks Amazon as latest Linux wife

Online retailer empties tills in Redmond pockets

Wired defines the storage 'PornYear'

0.94 petabytes of HD smut

Administrators head for titsup training company

Future grim for Advent students left in limbo

Vodafone Ireland admits pocketing dormant PAYG cash

But hey, everybody's doing it

Chimps don't like short measures: Official

Barmen beware a 'folk understanding of the physics of liquids'

TV sales bounce back

LCD the technology of choice

iPad and smartphone rootkits demo'd by boffins

Cracking into the ultimate spy device - in your pocket

Council backs down on CRB checking grown-up lecturers

Lecturers? Lecherous? Sounds the same, ban them all

Mandybill petition puts hacks in a spin

Fantasies of flip-flop on filesharers

Dell's order status website wobbles at knees

Updated'Your information does not match, please try again'

FTC warns 100 organisations over leaked P2P data

Customer and biz data turning up on Torrents

Apple iPhone tops 2009 smartphone sales

The advantage of a one-product range

ARM strengthens low power hand, targets smart grid

Extends reach with new microcontroller

Pope pooh-poohs airport perv-scanners

Slams security sop as sinful. Sort of

The Myth of Three Strikes

MandybillHow lobbyists and the press invented the great disconnection scare

iPhone: The OS with big aspirations

And big opportunities for Cupertino lock-in

DIY music blow: Sellaband goes titsup

It takes an absence of millions to hold us back

Citizens rail against government data sharing

Expect government to respond around May or June

Plan for top-level pornography domain gets reprieve

ICANN to reconsider .xxx denial

Intel and friends in $3.5bn tech stimulation

Self-proclaimed heroes of the IT people

Street View dismisses German privacy fears

Will launch by end of year, Google insists

Payment card skimmer secretly planted in gas station pump

More than $11,000 vaporized

YouTube's IE6 support dies on March 13

Google 'old browser' snub rolls on

60 million Americans don't use the interwebs

Online fear, loathing, and not giving a damn

Intel hit by 'sophisticated' hack last month

Et tu, Chipzilla?

Gear6 throws self at Memcached Achilles heel

Always-on for everyone

Adobe squishes code execution bug in download manager

That was quick

Wal-Mart buys internet TV biz

Who do you Vudu?

Windows gets reserved seating on Amazon cloud

And beta treatment on Rackspace

RHEL 5.5 - extra lube for your KVMs

ReviewCentOS for grown ups

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