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Microsoft's Mountain man sees Jobsian past in .NET

Like NeXTSTEP. But 'open'

Free Software Foundation urges Google to open On2 codec

Do you believe in freedom? Or yourself?

Cray swings profit on Q4 revenue dive

Thanks, Uncle Sam

HP at storage crossroads

CommentPlans to move downmarket, away from external storage

Iron Mountain thinking about a long, cool drink of Mimosa

CommentArchiving to the rusty mountain cloud

Endeavour touches down at Kennedy

Shuttle home following 'outstanding mission'

McKinnon gets a date for 'final' appeal

May appointment with destiny

Mixed messages for UK small biz

Recession, isn't it?

Web2.0rhea means ‘higher insurance premiums’

Status: Being robbed :(

Kipping at your desk is highly productive, say boffins

'The hippocampus is like an email inbox'

Apple to take iPad orders this week?

Fanboy credit cards at the ready

Twitter phish pwned profiles push penis pills

As Facebook 'goldmembers' hoodwinked into costly SMS scam

Samsung models high-end compact

Flash optics for EX1

Argentinians invade Falkland Islands website

Sovereignty violated in Penguin News hack outrage

Feds open school spycam probe

MacBook snoop row

The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline

CommentIt's all built in China now - except the clever stuff

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

ReviewA PC to rival the Mac Mini, at last?

Cyber attacks will 'catastrophically' spook public, warns GCHQ

ExclusiveCheltenham spies 'cyber arms race'

Sony shows off lens-swap compact

Alpha range addition to sport DSLR-style sensor

MPs obsess about expenses, ignore data security

Addressing two issues at once proves difficult for Tory leader

Sony Ericsson snubbed Google over Nexus One

Contract killer

O2 claims win in UK mobile broadband speed test

But results not so clear cut

Google digs 6-foot hole for Gears

It's all about HTML5 now, darlink

Infosec job prospects recover after credit-crunch slide

Trebles all round, especially for ID management experts

Overland's Nasdaq market cap gap trap map

$12m extra funding shows the route out of trouble

Virgin offers cut-price data roaming in Europe

Buy a 'Travel Pass' and save

Siemens' IT workers ballot for strike action at Beeb

Iced pay packets cold-shouldered by disgruntled staff

Double-Take disaster recovery takes to the clouds

Up sh*t creek? Try our paddle

Wide open spaces mark Mobile World Congress 2010

CommentEveryone united - in pursuing their own agenda

OFT requests T-Orange investigation

Competitors breath sigh of relief

IBM flicks out HS22V Xeon blade

Sharpened for virtualization

Tricorder/Aliens-motion-tracker handscanner kit gets $6m

3D air-bongo mouse shark tech in DARPA cashgasm

Twitter bomb threat joke man faces possible jail sentence

UpdatedNo laughing matter

Student racks up £8000 mobile broadband bill

Overseas dongle use warning

Zmanda hooks Tivoli cop into MySQL

Open source backup glue

Samsung promises Euro 3D TV release first

Loads of kit out next month

Brussels data watchdog cries foul over secret copyright talks

Hustinx left out in the cold

AMD's 'Magny-Cours' Opterons surface on eBay

Four 12-core CPUs. Yours for only $7,700

US pinpoints author of Google attack code, says report

China had 'special access' to work

CollabNet chews up scrum dev house

Danube Technologies down the hatch

Iron Mountain downs its Mimosa

$112m buy

Microsoft ties SharePoint into application-virtualization play

Office 2010 opener

Google's MapReduce patent - no threat to stuffed elephants

Hadoop will keep its head

HTC Smart: A smartphone for the rest of us?

MWC longs to let them eat cake

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