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19th > February > 2010 Archive

CrackBerry mimics Jesus Phone with WebKit browser

Like Apple. But 'network efficient'

Dell's profits shrink as revenue grows

Blame cheap PCs

Engineers sweat Oracle's Sun-Java integration promise

The Devil inside JRockit and HotSpot

IBM betas click-recording Firefox add-on

Scripted web surfing

Microsoft chucks bargain bin at world's youth

Empowers IEEE tots with Windows of yesteryear

Samsung N220

ReviewWill this 2G Atom netbook give the Eee a hiding?

No quick decision on Google books deal

Madoff judge wants more time

3 gets Desire

HTC's new Android phone on O2 too?

T-Mobile intros compact Android smartphone

Pulse Mini debuts

HP stacks up QLogic

Switches attention away from Cisco

1.3 million phones found down back of the sofa in UK

Although not all in the same one, obviously

NetApp says tiering is dying

CommentThe FAST and the dead

Cisco ejects HP from privileged partner camp

UpdatedNo more roadmap information boy

Apple squashes wobbly jub app

No iBoobs on your iPhone, says Titfinder General

TomTom touts second iPhone GPS-boost car cradle

ProClip attachment this time

US Army moves rocket-buster raygun from lab to firing range

At last: Sharks Whales with frikkin lazors on their heads goes titsup

Sex sells... again

Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen

Enforced choice for those who don't care

Eco computer game cost taxpayers £47 per play

The true cost of astroturf

Two Chinese schools implicated in Google Aurora attacks

Not us guv, we only teach Photoshop here

Desktop evolution offers alternative admin options

LabNew and improved or more of the same?

Google Energy gets OK

Can now wholesale and retail 'leccy in the US

Government drops jail for data thieves... again

Information Commissioner's campaign thwarted

Hey, Mr Games Addict! Do you have a problem?

Too much coffee? Check

BT settles multi-million spat with cost-cutting consultants

Still not clear how much was saved...

Aussies cane cane toads with cat food

Carnivorous ant solution to amphibious assault

Lost Nazi nuke-project uranium found in Dutch scrapyard

Atomic CSI team fingerprints 1940s 'Joachimsthal' metals

Sony seeks 'universal console controller' patent

Emulates PS3, Xbox 360, Wii controllers and more

Motorola Droid - the not quite iPhone killer

ReviewEasy to like. Hard to love

The Not-Invented-Anywhere Syndrome

Teen sensation does a Chris Anderson

Interpol issues arrest warrant for fake passport hit team

'Assassins' used forged old-school documents, says FCO

UK manufacturing getting worse more slowly

'Muted recovery'

US school comes out fighting over webcam spy claim promises it couldn't happen here

First Freeview HD TV goes on sale

Pre-order a Panasonic, says Comet

iPad pitch to the Wall Street Journal laid bare

No FLASH in the pad

Crims jailed for hiding 'e-detonators' in robot camel jockey

Booster-dromedary race fix blag backfires

Archaeologists nail Bosworth Field

Finally reveal site of Richard III's downfall

Symbian needs your help. Please

Especially on a Friday

Nokia pulls the plug on wireless payment handset

While China Unicom builds new ones

Open sourcers fortify Ubuntu's Koala food

Scalr adds vitamins to Eucalyptus

Cisco and HP - the gloves come off

Like we knew they would

Opera cuts cord on first open-source baby

Dragonfly set free

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