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18th > February > 2010 Archive

Microsoft banks Windows Phone 7 on Silverlight

Downsizing a big opportunity?

Almost 2,500 firms breached in ongoing hack attack

Zeus and Waledac unite in global botnet

Oracle should cannibalize JavaFX Frankenstein

CommentTime to get Swinging

Toshiba Regza 26in combi TV

ReviewDVD player plus

Founding investor still believes InPhase can fly

CommentIt's not a turkey, it's a phoenix in the making

FriendsReunited sale cleared

Dennis the Menace not a competition concern

Sony swims up with slimmest, smallest sub-aqua cam

First waterproof Cyber-shot launched

Google back in court for book deal

26 critics line up for legal counterblaste

Sony intros 10x optical zoom compact

DSC-H55 unveiled

Recession exacerbated Jobcentre computer woes

IT not prepared for sudden influx of unemployed

Windows Phone Classic to coexist with Windows Phone 7

'Cos 'Coke Classic' and 'New Coke' went so well...

Smoke free Nokia looks for a spark

MWCPleasing people who never pay for anything. Will this work?

T-Mobile announces pay monthly package revamp

Formally intros Boosters

Northamber pares loss as revenue slips

It's harsh out there

'Fat birds get laid sooner, have more one-night stands'

German profs stick tracker bugs to subjects' bottoms

Google buys app, removes from app store

That's one way to make the iPhone less attractive

Swiss prostitutes armed with defibrillators

Add resuscitation to their list of services

CIA-linked startup touts all-seeing eye for net spooks

Botnet bugging

SWaP Signature watchphone

ReviewTimepiece telephony

Industry groups leap to Chip and PIN's defence

AnalysisDespite research showing signs of terminal weakness

Femtocells in spotlight as new route to LTE

MWCRascal picoChip in hot pursuit

Salesforce offers collaboration beta to elite group

Facebook for business?

Kodak prompts ITC to consider iPhone ban

Say cheese

NASA's WISE opens 'candy store of images'

Galaxies and comet pose in the infrared

Twitter 'airport bomb hoax twit' charged

Snow joke

Airport scanners face double exposure

Not just unlawful - but criminal too

Apple opens the iPhone to lotteries


Castleford locals storm Tickle Cock bridge

Object to council's 'nanny state' rebranding

Why you subsidize Google's Soviet-style Net

Inefficiency creates hidden costs for punters and taxpayers

Another NHS hospital stricken with Conficker virus

AnalysisSocial healthcare disease

Windows Phone 7 will not translate to Win Mobile after all

Differences more than skin deep

'Optionally manned' spy plane to fly this summer

Brit version lacks robo option: Being used above UK?

Newspapers slam BBC iPhone app plans

Stick to your knitting, auntie

Firefox update takes down three critical flaws

Hotchpotch patch pitch

Large Hadron Collider to fire up again next Thursday

ExclusiveLHC-fearing tinfoilers braced for dimensional invasion

Regulators approve Microhoo! search deal

Go! Ahead! Guys!

Amazon spreads Kindleware to BlackBerries

But it can't leave the country

Silicon Valley plane crash kills 3 Tesla employees

Massive power outage hits Facebook, HP

Google typosquat cash pegged at $497m per year

Harvard boffins probe 'mispelled' domains

OpenSolaris devs 'ignored' by Oracle

Red flags flap

Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher

Black hats, take note

PayPal to feed Facebook ads, virtual goods

How to buy bits in 24 currencies

Researcher spies new Adobe code execution bug

Download Manager + web flaw = threat

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