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11th > February > 2010 Archive

News Corp boots MySpace CEO

Van Natta outta there

Intel finds cure for CPU old age

ISSCCThe self-healing chip

Can Sun's GlassFish turn on master Oracle?

More like IBM than you know

Red Hat projects to seed cloudy IT

Raining support money (someday)

Chip makers set for 'fab-lite' future?

ISSCCThe fate of the mega chip corp.

Unisys parts with server chief

No explanation

BT revenues down

But sorts out £9bn pension black-hole

HP, 3Com deal gets approval

No competition concerns here

MEPs slam Nokia Siemens for aiding Iranian censors

UpdatedMullahs throttle Gmail ahead of opposition protests

Drayson locks Forces chiefs out of Defence budget carve-up

Arms biz gets unfettered access to MoD coffers

Social networking sites slack on secreting kids' details

European Commission not giving out lollipops today

Licensing in virtual systems still making us ill

LabConfusion reigns in the world of the blind

Isilon flashes up NAS clusters

Metadata in SSD

Prisoners chucked off Facebook

No more networking for victim-taunting inmates

Mozilla admits Firefox add-on malware false alarm

UpdatedOne item of AMO badness just a blank

'Electronic fags' are useless - US prof's startling claim

eButts don't work as advertised

Apple, Microsoft fingered for patent infringement by Emblaze

Streaming tech under spotlight

Aging telco calls DWP, gets £237m payout

DWP extends BT network deal

Researchers rip iPad apart to reveal Apple's profits

While Bill Gates just rips it apart

EU commissioner warms up for body scanner probe

Another voice joins chorus of disapproval

Netgear ReadyNas NVX Pioneer Edition

ReviewNifty Nas box

US judges leave definition of obscenity to Amish, Kansas

No 'national' standard in Max Hardcore case

Apple tablet profits could hit £309 per iPad


Newborn Firefox gets first glimpse of life

Alpha 1 carries temporary 3.7 stamp

Intel says warranties evaporate when kit resold

It's in the small print - but where?

Surplus astronaut right-sizing imminent at NASA?

Obama Constellation cancellation means jobless spacemen

Home Office to secure mobile phones

Despite eradicating phone theft in 2007

Promise ventures into Jasper Forest

Thumbs up to storage Nehalem

Navigon adds Twitter, Facebook to satnav iPhone app

'I'm being arrested - running late'

IBM plants Power 7 on Smarter Planet pitch

Solution selling on steroids

John Mayer tweets remorse over Playboy interview

‘I’m sorry I used the N word’

Google Buzz leaves privacy concerns ringing in ears

CommentGmail sprouts Web 2.0 legs

Aussie anti-censor attacks strafe gov websites

Operation Titstorm DDoS more of a bee sting

Toshiba's second Blu-ray player nears Blighty

Entry-level box due in May

Toshiba to tap out touchscreen laptop line

First model out now

MEPs to US: Hands off our bank accounts

So long SWIFT

New airlock mini-sub for US Navy SEAL 'operations'

May not be compatible with nuclear Stingray motherships

Opera beta burns Chrome for top spot

Gets Porn Mode, too

Sun-gazing sat heads for the heavens

Solar Dynamics Observatory lifts off

Big Blue eye glares at UK workforce

Lay-off consultation starts here

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number

'I am such a dope', twitters Robert Llewellyn

MS update gives some XP boxes the Blue Screen

13-update Patch Tuesday proves unlucky for some

SGI spins up Cyclone HPC cloud

Altix UV super first look

Street View catches Finn with his pants down

Authorities investigate privacy cock-up

Google extends Chrome for Fanbois

Add-ons, bookmark sync for Mac beta

Juniper pays $169m to settle backdating suit

Births Junos developer ops

Opera plays chicken with Apple iPhone police

Interpret this, cultkeepers

OpenOffice 3.2 is on tap

Community celebrates tin anniversary

Google's 'Musicblogocide' - blame the DMCA

Er, they're obeying the (crap) law

Dell acquires SMB systems babysitter Kace

Fills Perot gaps

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