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8th > February > 2010 Archive

Netezza taps NEC for data warehouse kit

But still loves IBM

Google doppelgänger casts riddle over interwebs

UpdatedWhy is Google routing the world through 'Googol'?

Power7 - Big Blue eye on UNIX

Four server preemptive launch

Pupil database claimed to be breach-free

No leaks here, says DCSF

Power7 v Power6 - it's all about the cache

Double the thread count

Promise pops up in UK with Drobo-ish box

Empty 4-bay NAS product with Appley flavour

Microscope-wielding boffins crack cordless phone crypto

DECT vivisection

Surprise departure for SAP boss

Nothing hurts like "Mutual agreement"

Endeavour en route to ISS

'Brilliant nighttime liftoff'

State officials seize InPhase assets in lieu of taxes

The lights are out - and for sale

Wales auditor arrested over indecent images allegations

Quit job last week

Drink beer not fizzy pop for pity's sake, say boffins

Just two+ cans of soft drink a week = DEATH

China stomps cybercrook training outfit

Black Hawk taken down

MySQL handler Jacobs walks out on Oracle

It's a terrific place to work - just not for me

French poised to seize Port of Dover

'Outrage' over privatisation plan

Cloud firm wafts out white label ERP for small biz

Seven years work for £30 a head

Gov tempts young London onto ID database with booze, 'games'

Doesn't sound at all dodgy, does it

Sony to demo 'world's first' in-box wireless tech

Component shall speak unto component

US scientists get free cloud on-ramp

Microsoft and NSF plugging Azure

Leaky antivirus defences letting malware through

Spanky new scanners no longer cutting it

Mandybill is mostly harmless, says MP watchdog

But wants more detail

Samsung preps Wacko Jacko movie hard drive

Film pre-loaded on HDD

Asus Eee PC 1005PE

ReviewIntel's freshest Atom comes to netbooks

US gives Chinese man 2.5 years over fake Cisco kit

Cisco no-no

FBI calls for two year retention for ISP data

Origin and destination if you please sir

BAE broke bribery pledge, faked US arms-export applications

'We will become as righteous as we are good value'(!)

Bishop Hill: Gonzo science and the Hockey Stick

InterviewTorturing the climate numbers until they confess

Archos posts 'full' Linux distro for Android tablet

Developers only, please

Online Kiwis maybe feeling Oz censor trickledown

People of Walmart now counts as filth, apparently

Eidos confirms Championship Manager Online shutdown

Season's end

Vodafone tosses out idiot tweeter

No more beavering for you

Half a million PCs can access Schengen's 'secure' database

Big network, big danger

El Reg reader assembles own iPad

Click here for an iFul of low-cost DIY project

LG eyes golden age of telly with retro CRT set

Valve Doonican

Phoenix recovers barbecued data in Europe

Firey databird has new nest, but is it er, cheep?

Cheeky French hackers hijack Tata website

Now you see it, maintenant... non

iPhone OS 3.1.3 unlock app posted

Dev Team tool tweaked

Dell snaps up crashed Exanet

UpdateHow to turn $70m into $12m

Canon intros entry-level DSLR

EOS 550D debuts with features a-plenty

Google (Voice) solves universal translation soonish

Babel fishing for compliments

Sweden to prosecute alleged Cisco, NASA hacker

Stakkato's abrupt transfer

Linus Torvalds doesn't hate the Googlephone

I like your fork!

Microsoft kills FAST's Linux and Unix search biz

Values your business on Windows

Microsoft tests show no Win 7 battery flaw

Replace battery warnings correct, says Redmond

Oracle issues emergency security patch for WebLogic

'Full disclosure' yields results

SourceForge reverses ban on US foes

U-turn on 'blanket blocking'

Intel 'Tukwila' born after long and painful labor

Blame it on marketing

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