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4th > February > 2010 Archive

Oracle: destroyer of virtual worlds

Lights out for Sun's Project Darkstar

TPC adds power suckage to benchmarks

Performance (per watt) anxiety

Open-source Silverlight project drops early third code

Microsoft mirror

Huawei E5 Wi-Fi/3G modem

ReviewBetter known as the 3 MiFi

Appeal Court: TV menu decision was irrational, but not unfair

Since when have shopping channels been rational, anyway?

Wikileaks finds cash to continue

Don't (whistle)blow it all at once

Monster grabs Yahoo! jobs

Carol Bartz cuts continue

IBM preps biz info flow sniffer

Plus auto-redaction software

MoD turns to bloggers for advice on UK defence policy

Labour, Tories: We won't reveal plans until we're in charge

Singer wears ‘Twitter dress’ to Grammys

Imogen Heap models hi-tech glad rags

Schwartz goes all of a Twitter

He goes in style - oddly

Aussie ISP beats Hollywood on 'copyright' rap

Providing net access not same as OK-ing copyright theft

BBC 'to chop DAB radio flops'

Sent to bubbling mudbath

DNA pioneer lambasts government database policy

Declares himself 'astonished, perplexed and deeply worried'

HP ordered to pay £200m in interim damages ruling

Sky is the limit for total figure

ARM boss forecasts mass migration to netbooks

Desktops, laptops out - small, cheap computers in

Carbon trade phish scam disrupts exchanges

Complex fraud lies behind emissions permissions attack

PS3 sales up, says Sony

Console boosts Q3 results

Vodafone signs up 410k UK customers for Christmas

It's the thought that counts

Webcam saves stranded man

Cameras! Lights! Reaction!

The long and winding road to server virtualisation

Reader feedbackIt’s all about Tetris and the price of fish

Symbian shares the source

Go open source early

Acer punts Windows server for your stuff

Atom-powered Nas

Men at Work swiped Down Under riff

Oz classic plagiarised Girl Guides' ditty, court rules

Sony, Vodafone vie for X10 UK launch first

Manufacturer to sell online ahead of operator

Iran launches rat, two turtles, some worms into space

Tiny space ark 'entirely peaceful', says general

Politico sues politico

Cease and desist nonsense du jour

Sony 'actively thinking' about PSN access fee

Time to cough up?

MS probes bug that turns PCs into 'public file servers'

Unwanted promotion for older Windows boxes

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

ReviewSonic boon?

Blacklisted UK colleges take Border Agency to court

ExclusiveStudent visa systems overhaul gets legal

Blighty gets DARPA cash to put sat-phones in satellites

Inmarsat space BGAN mobe for 'fractionated' cluster-swarm

H.264 video codec stays royalty-free for HTML5 testers

Patent granted 5-year amnesty, Mozilla still no-likey

Teen blogging is sick! (and not in a good way)

The unbearable pointlessness of blogging

Wales Audit Office boss sacked amidst laptop smut claims

Bowtied beancounter's bawdy bookmarks...

Motorola Devours el cheapo Androidphone market

Calling all Web2.0rheics

Amazon fingers touch tech firm

Kindle goes to the feelies?

Does Apple patent claim show iPad with built-in camera?

Cupertino drops heavy clues

NASA develops spaceship work robot called 'R2'

Definitely the droid we're looking for, say space chiefs

Google turns to NSA for help in cyberattack defences

Worm belatedly turns

Extreme pr0n suspect has his internet access suspended

Heard not seen, at least not online

Chinese e-tailer lights up ciggie-lighter phone for smokers

Puff piece

E-book readers are a satisfied lot

Or were before the iPad was announced

Big iron bolsters Q4 at Unisys

Mainframes make money

Kit cracks iPhone backup passwords

Download, point, click

Cisco's California sales on the double

400 sees gold in them thar servers

Juniper bakes 250Gbps core router chip

Preemptive Cisco strike

Apache terminates 'outdated' web server

We, and the world, move on

Do Google's search warrant police run IE6?

The Not Quite Anti-Microsoft

Adobe to Jobs: 'What the Flash do you know?'

Flash never ships with bugs we're aware of

US bill seeks cybersecurity scholarships

Send your kid to hacker school

Domain auction house wrestles with alleged shill

SnapNames in legal action against ex-exec

AT&T lets 3G Sling TV onto iPhone

UpdatedTiming is everything

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