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2nd > February > 2010 Archive

Ingres' VectorWise rises to answer Microsoft

Open-source stealth project slips out

Chinese tablet maven threatens iPad suit

'Apple stole our design!'

Windows 7 RC 'buy a copy' shut downs start next month

UpdatedBuy the OS or your data gets it

Simpana joins the cloud crowd

Vaulting ambition

Dear Google: Just how mammoth is your search share?

Surely, you know best

Politicos bid to stop Microsoft's cloud migration

Windows Azure opens for business

Web attacks cripple Russia's biggest indie newspaper

Seven days and counting

Retailers fooled by fake and borrowed IDs

Back in the day you just had to remember someone else's birthday

Directgov battles terrorism with report-a-website page

Watch out YouTube

Security firms plot revamp to minimise false alarms

AnalysisWhitelisted addresses to reside in heavenly cloud

Pillar rejigs Axiom for flash

Bring us a brick

Transformers up for seven Razzies

'Over-loud, over-long, uber-stupid'

Most consumers reuse banking passwords on other sites

Password recycle fail leaves consumers ripe for harvesting

Can virtualisation reduce the management overhead?

LabYes and no. Maybe

iPad runs Windows, Nokia runs OSX

Black is east, up is white... argh!

ID minister promises virtual immortality for all Britons

National ID register will hold the quick and the dead

Spiderman Beetleman wall-crawl glove/boot tech invented

Does whatever certain kinds of beetle can

Head of Stats warns politicians: 'Hands off our numbers!'

"No sh*t, Sherlock" moment after public confidence warning

Sony Ericsson preps BlackBerry-style WinMo phone

Aspen skiis in

FujiFilm intros 'ultimate' all-in-one camera

A bridge to fear?

Amazon Kindle DX

ReviewWhat a difference extra inches make

Femtocells wilt under attack

Tiny, tiny, tiny root box danger

eBay cans free P&P requirement

Pleases some, infuriates others

Anti-Internet Explorer 6 protests grow with online petition

Appeals for to ditch aged browser

Virgin Media battles privacy campaigners on P2P monitoring

No one's looking at you, alright?

Nokia: go straight to Symbian 3, skip Symbian 2

Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.

Movea waves in free-space mouse

Control games with the flick of a wrist

Manchester cops clobbered by Conficker

PCs' PCs still unplugged from PNC

Firm grows multi-touch see-through 'skin' for gadgets

Make anything flat or curved touch-sensitive

Sony and Arsenal to stream match highlights to PSPs

Footie on your handheld

Oz banker caught porn-surfing on live TV

In-depth analysis of Miranda Kerr

Nokia slashes prices to up market share ante

Rolls up sleeves for imminent manufacturer slugfest

Mobile networks: It's a risky business, says 3

You'll get an iPhone if you're good

US plans crewless automated ghost-frigates

Mary Celeste class robot X-ships to prowl seas

Save DAB! Send FM radios to Africa

Or bury them in a hole in the ground. We don't care

PGP buys tech to offer trusted ID from the cloud

Close friends get to call it TC

Avatar attracts nine Oscar nods

Big night in prospect for 3D epic

Google mulls biz software store to punt Apps

Report suggests stretching of online shop tentacles

The Virtensys triple whammy

CommentDelivering a kicking to server, switch and network interface vendors

Eco Vaio netbook en route to Blighty

Recycled plastic machine heading this way

First Vaio laptop with numberpad hits UK

Es are good... for typists

Council saves quarter mil' from mobile bill

Derby puts contract up for auction, thinks more should follow

Super Micro grows like crazy in fiscal Q2

Previews future servers

Designer pitches iPad gaming wheel

Plastic circle to improve tablet's cornering?

Cisco 120Gbps router rumored

Slow to outpace Juniper T1600

Intel set for server chip blitz

From Tukwila to Nehalem-EX

Google reveals nonexistent Chrome tablet

The GPad

Microsoft security dev tools go 'Agile'

Not just for Windows anymore

Facebook re-write takes PHP to an enterprise past

Remember C++? They do

JooJoo men strike back at CrunchPad suit

TechCruncher 'fatally imprecise'

Google behavioral ad targeter is a Smart Ass

Distributed ad crunching

iPhone vulnerable to remote attack on SSL

Beware of rogue config files

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