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29th > January > 2010 Archive

1,000 devs raid iPadded code kit

Jobsian slipstream

Windows 7 misses Microsoft's summit of success

Beware the false bottom

Fujitsu: 'iPad? That's ours'

UpdatedOh, and there's that Canadian bra

Windows 7 upgrades Vista laptops to lower battery life

Time to replace your brand new battery

Who ate all the iPies?

CommentApple's mid-life crisis in tablet form

Oracle hands out love and handcuffs to Sunware

Hello, Java. So long, Kenai

BPI rejects scareletter approach to possible pirates

ACS:Law treads lonely path

Ellison: Only Oracle can do OLTP clustering

Armonk, we have a problem

Oracle sues support firm over 'massive theft'

Shades of TomorrowNow

iPad vs e-book readers: price matters

AnalysisDo you want cheap as chips — or Apple?

EU damns scanners, Facebook, MySpace and Phorm

Not keen on SWIFT either

Zoo man uses virtualisation to tame his server herd

On DemandReg reader tells it like is

Baidu gets out of jail free

Pack your bags, Google

First mass-produced camera heads to auction

Gadgets geeks shocked by lack of Flickr support

High-flying 3PAR down at ground level

Revenues yes, profit not so much

Who's the world's largest tech firm?

Not who you think

Silicone implants that generate 'leccy invented for US spooks

Katie Price will never need to buy batteries again

Ex-Broadcom boss beats drugs orgy charges

White lines blow away

Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

It came to me in a dream, claims shaman elder

World phone biz backs out of downturn

324m shipments in Q4 09

GTA IV updates coming to PS3

Windows version also confirmed

French mock British G-spot probe

It does exist, you just can't find it

Moto to make Nexus One version two?

CEO talks up 'consumer device' partnership with Google

How secure are virtual desktops, really?

LabLock and load shutters half its websites

Direct to the bin, guv'

Many voice encryption systems easily crackable

UpdatedMalware will shut your yap

Sony slams colour e-paper quality

But does want to offer a colour Reader

Greenock pensioners cuffed for Tesco 'sex romp'

Alleged indecency incident in bakery aisle

Samsung ST550

ReviewTwo-screen camera

Italians salute Mussolini on the iPhone

Fascism? There's an app for that

IT training firm goes titsup

School's out for....

Xiotech reloads Matrix

CommentISEbergs warning

Sun takes over MoD's UFO bureau

Martian eggface prof Pillinger endorses soaraway plan

British poshos outdrink chavs

Or are just better at maths

Google Apps goes loopy on booted-off Premier subs customers

UpdatedMountain View fails to cough up glitch fix

Experts fret over iPad security risks

Death and taxes and browser exploits

Hong Kong Taoist masters still hard at it

Gang dupe woman into sex on promise of 'heavenly treasure'

AT&T plans $2bn wireless overhaul

Less iPhone suckage by 2011

Interpol chief questions body scanner rollout

Over-expensive, under-effective

iPad Mini/Nano beta-tester: Of course it's real

CommentsPocket-size voice fondle-slab's existence confirmed

Teletext toddles off as licence taken

Smell you later, interactive telly

Spanish disco offers gals free 'consolers'

'You're going to vibrate'

Show me the money!

WorkshopUncovering the financial aspects of IT

Danes ditch Microsoft, take ODF road - at last

Cross party parliamentarians gang up against Redmond

CpW unveils new identity excitingness

It'll be called... Consignia! Oh, hang on

IBM countersues Neon over zPrime accelerator

More lawyers feast on the mainframe largesse

Lens firm promises shake-free cameraphones

Optical stabilisation to replace digital in 2011?

Bathroom scale plugs into Google Health

Share your weight with Mountain View

Google mystery server runs 13% of active websites

And only Google runs its mystery server

Brits choose Altix UV supers to fight cancer

SGI beefs pipeline

CA taps IBM alum as chief exec

McCracken takes the helm

Google (finally) pays bounties for Chrome bug reports

Up to $1,337

CIA, PayPal under bizarre SSL assault

Plus hundreds of others

Woman sues rail line for 'exploding' toilet

ROTMCrap maintenance alleged

PHP fluffed to suck data from Microsoft's cloud

Azure spit and polish

Apple video shows Flashed iPad

UpdatedWhich is it, Steve?

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