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28th > January > 2010 Archive

NewScale spruces IT storefrontware

IT's internal Amazon

Oracle to invest in Sparc iron, clusters

No onesies and twosies

Cisco offers $250k for your billion dollar idea

And - what the heck - a Flip phone

Oracle murders Sun's copycat Amazon cloud

Back to reality

3PAR plugs-in more power to VMware

Promises to manage InServes in a jiffy

Japanese biometric border check no match for, um, tape

Caught sticky handed

Oracle tag teams Solaris and Linux

Virtual togetherness

Aussie man convicted for Simpsons smut

What's that Skippy? Lisa's doing what?

Happy Data Protection Day

What do you mean you didn't know?

UK authorities' inability to seize counterfeits brings EU court referral

Sort it out

Logicalis thinks CVN architecture is restrictive

Needs more multi-tenancy tiers and flexible server virtualisation

Steve Jobs re-invents the portable telly

AnalysisAnd at exactly the right moment

'Tightly bound' stars seen locked in 'diabolic strip waltz'

Lurid PicPowerful lenses probe bizarre relationship

Endeavour good to go on 7 Feb

Last nighttime shuttle launch confirmed

Virtualisation in two years’ time

LabAnyone have GPS and a good road map?

Regulator sniffs around stonking iPhone game bills

Kids making accidental megabucks calls

Telcos tuning up for HD Voice

CommentYour throat, but clearer. Eventually. Cost TBA

Sky 3D to launch in April

Secret pubs showing 3D footie this weekend

Seagate pumps £60m into Springtown plant

Next-gen read/write heads

India eyes man in space by 2016

Confirms $2.76bn mission

Apple iPad to hit UK this March

Prices still a secret

Mellanox recovering but wheezing

Good revenue rise, smaller profit

ISSCC: Home cooking at the wafer bakers

Iron chefs chop their chips

Home Office spawns new unit to expand internet surveillance

ExclusiveOne acronym to rule them all

Aussie censor balks at bijou boobs

Gets confused about other female bits also

Tesco store bans shopping in pyjamas

Customers also required to wear shoes

Asus G51J

ReviewIn yer face stereoscopic 3D gaming, for a price

Congressional websites befouled by mucky-mouthed hackers

Swear splatter follows State of the Union address

Facebook faces new privacy probe

Canucks still not happy

Next from Apple: The Pocket iPad

ExclusiveFondle-slab to be miniaturised, gain killer voice app

New SGI chases new partners

Boutique strategy

Nokia adds police radar to handset

'I clocked you chatting at 120 words per minute, sir'

Windows 8 possible July 2011 release?

Question marks line up on Microsoft roadmap revelations (maybe)

Brit kids failing to fall out of trees

Console-related injuries soar, however

Apple iPad vs netbooks: fight not over yet

AnalysisCan't beat 'em, join 'em?

Paddy Power takes bets on iPad shipments

'Over two million sales this year, for sure'

Symantec slaps Trojan alert against Spotify

Scanner turns song software slayer

EDS ruling won't mean overhaul for IT procurement

Sweat ye not

Nokia Q4 shows it ain't dead yet

It's getting its mojo back

EU super-regulator sets up shop

Has nice cup of coffee, chat

Obama to scrap Moon, Mars expeditions - report

Astronauts held in orbit for 'at least another 10 years'

World+Dog jumps on iPad accessory bandwagon

Apple add-ons also available

Oracle: Storage trouble in store

CommentSun's 7000 top of the class - who's getting expelled?

Data cops seek law change after CRU broke rules

Prevarication pays

Google graduates social stalking tool

Search sniffs out friends and family stuff

Citrix desktop virt soars in Q4

XenServer foundation

Apple lets 3G VoIP onto iPhone

Trio already there

Confirmed: no iPad iBooks for Blighty

Bad news for e-book buffs

Critical infrastructure execs fear China

But they fear the US more

FCC probes Googlephone's double dip cancel fees

Early termination times two

Adobe sounds off on iPad's Flash slap

And so does Hitler

Amazon in 71% profit surge

Um, let's give the Kindle credit

Ellison wants another failing Bay Area giant

First Sun. Now the Warriors

Juniper needles way to recovery

Berries 2009 revenue slump in Q4

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