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22nd > January > 2010 Archive

Microsoft dodges multi-million dollar WGA payout

Spyware case lacks class

Google betas Flash-free YouTube sans open codec

Useless with Firefox and Opera

Hacker brings multitouch to Google's Nexus One

Let the mods begin

Spring daddy looks to Oracle's MySQL commitments

Comfort guaranteed

Quantum spruces up StorNext filesystem

DXi influence spreads

Public sector ICT 'under pressure'

You don't say

The Equality Bill: Hidden agenda?

OpinionSwerving discrimination means amendment pile-up

AMD preps for two-fisted two-socket catfight

Sock it to Intel

FCC website outs HP smartbook

AirLife to feature always-on HSDPA 3G

China swings at Clinton as Schmidt fudges exit plan

When I say pull out, what I mean is....

Storage is boring, right?

WorkshopUnderstanding the Sherpa layer of IT

Poetic justice for HK Taoist truck driver

Sent down to judge's words of (real) Zen master

MS to release WinMo 7 to phone makers in September

Mole also reiterates Zune, Xbox Live link claims

Lords mull Hail Mary penance for file sharers

MandybillPeers discuss costs, ambulance chasing

Irish board hack prompts password reset

Users thrown into scramble to change up login credentials

Billionaire-funded e-car gets showroom date

Leccy TechThe e6, from BYD and Warren Buffet

Police arrest MD of dowsing-rod 'bomb detector' firm

Sold 'magic' bomb wands to Iraqi gov for $56,000 each

Lenovo talks up LePhone launch

Into China in May - UK later this year?

Ofcom opens debate on Freeview HD DRM to punters

The BBC wants it - do you?

HP TouchSmart 600

ReviewTouchscreen iMac wannabee

Super-soldier exoskeleton to get 3-day fuel cell powerpack

Mech-troopers will be able to plug in gadgetry, too stacking up gang of clouds

Ain't nothin' but a G-thang

Linux coders do it for money

No such thing as a free (software) launch

Airport scanner staff object to vetting

Nothing to hide - but they'd rather not be checked

Rickets rise linked to excessive gaming

Too much PlayStation, not enough sunshine

O2 halts Mobile Landline signups

You're through to O2... we're busy

Tor software updated after hackers crack into systems

Miscreants remain anonymous

UK government rebuffs cries for free postcode database

PAF remains fee-based, despite non-profit grumbles

Avon & Somerset cop computers titsup?

Tory MP questions use of 30 temp workers

Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office

'Fresh, pretty' meteorite blasts startled medics

NSA beats warrantless wiretap rap

Because it took in a nation of millions

Indian Nokia workers ready to up tools

'Misunderstanding' puts 2000 out on strike

Chris Morris jihad film good to go

Four Lions trailer live

BT to throttle P2P for faster broadband

Ah well, there's always the post

Zero-power LCD aims to reduce paper use

Chalkboard for the 21st Century?

BBC and ITV chase gaming cash

Both want to turn telly hits into games

Schwartz puts comforting arm around stricken Sun

Uses other arm for Oracle fist-pump

MS knew of Aurora exploit four months before Google attacks

China light on the matter

TSA screener plants powder baggie in flier's luggage

Not everyone gets the joke

Facebook busts ground on first custom data center

Follows Google and Microsoft into chillerless club

Fujitsu puts systems chief at helm

Be like Big Blue

Web2.0rhea infects International Space Station

'We r now LIVE tweeting'

Boffins birth uber 'net neutrality' dowser

Eye on your ISP

NASA pegs Noughties as hottest decade on record

Global warming 'unabated,' say spacemen

Amateur goof makes Twitter account hijacking a snap

Just add XML

Oracle prez admits 8 1/2 years with billboard woman

Phillips married to another

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