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21st > January > 2010 Archive

Liquid Computing evaporates staff

Upstart snugs belt

Microsoft sues TiVo in AT&T solidarity play

Patent, patent, who's got the patent?

Oracle to detail delayed Sun roadmap

Start your chainsaws

Oracle power couple take Manhattan by billboard

The price of love

Cisco gives biz vids preferential treatment

Wireless gears chooses CEO over skateboarding dog

Amazon opens Kindle to third-party apps

SDK thumbs nose at Apple

3PAR gives storage weight loss guarantee

Storage capacity liposuction

Conceptronic Grab'n'Go

ReviewRetro rocket-styled streamer, anyone?

Server and desktop virtualisation projects are shoddy

So say these guys - so what's the problem?

Targeted attacks replace botnet floods in telco nightmares

We the IPv6-unready

Cyber sleuth sees China's fingerprints on 'Aurora' attacks

Jury still out

Manchester ID staff suffer isolation as new dawn fades

Just 1300 Mancunians apply for cards

German dentists develop 'painless' plasma tooth-blaster

In-mouth light sabre to replace drilling

Fujitsu faces strike action

Unite united

MoD awards £540m extension to DII

On budget, but 18 months late. 'Spose you can't have it all

Truphone launches Local Anywhere service

Only slightly later than expected

3D TV: Minority interest for years to come

Regular HD TVs swim in mainstream

Wrists playing up? You're shagging too much

Missionary position fingered for carpal tunnel syndrome

Nokia apes Google, gives gratis satnav route guidance

Ovi Maps rather cheaper to use now

Europe clears Oracle Sun for take-off

It was open source wot won it

UK gov cuts ribbon on public datasets site

Web 2.0 gravy boat sets sail, founders

Nokia switches direction and gives away maps

Anything Google can do...

Cardiff tops UK plastic fraud list

Er, in your face, London!

MPs frozen out of super-secret copyright talks

Preferences of foreign governments take precedence

Sony Ericsson releases videocam-cum-smartphone

Vivaz shoots and uploads 720p video

Data protection and virtualised machines

LabEggs, meet basket

1984 film classification law gets reboot

Lords press replay on video act

Xbox Live to display download cash values

MS Point exchange rate clarification

Seagate sales surge in Q2

Revenues up a third

Google taps Gmail for more clicks with ad tweak

Hit me slowly, hit me quick

Google explains China Syndrome by advertising - on Google

As China ring-fences internet spat

Exeter Uni goes offline to fight mystery malware

Great late coursework excuse

BT reveals faster broadband pricing

To infinity and the bank

UK HP workers will strike tomorrow

MoD and DWP sites set for walkout

HP preps pico-projector laptops

Wall as extra display, anyone?

Egyptian mobile users warned off Koran-based ringtones

Stick to prayer, invocation and recitation, says Mufti

NASA flying-car man designs electric VTOL podcraft

'Puffin' tailsitter offers just 6 minutes' hover, though

iPhone keeps buried earthquake victim alive for three days

Medical app, flight mode aids trapped snapper

Nominet appoints itself web policeman

Domain name suspensions to order

Lloyds, RBS ditching more tech workers

And more likely soon

RockYou hack reveals easy-to-crack passwords

ABC, easy as 123

Bogged-down Mars rover may be doomed to chilly death

Unable to point solar panels at low midwinter sun

More MIDs with ARM than Atom by 2013

Intel's netbook lead will quickly vanish, says analyst

Microsoft's top lawyer demands a cloud computing law

AnalysisKicking yobs outta town square

Survey shows strong demand for Apple tablet

Punters putting off laptop purchases as a result?

Clinton throws down the gauntlet to China over Google

But was the gauntlet made in China?

Firefox 3.6 goes live and final

Next up: Flash resistant coating

iPad pictures revealed

Just not Apple's iPad

Oracle: Mine is bigger and, um, more integrated

CommentEllison flaunts Sun unit

Emergency IE patch goes live as exploits proliferate

Updated'Hundreds of sites' locked and loaded

YouTube and Hulu dabble in for-pay vids

Fees to pay the bills

Amazon 'makes it easier' for authors to DRM Kindle ebooks

UpdatedIntegrated text shackling

IFPI wants another stab at OiNK

Squeeze owner till he squeals

AMD chief hails Intel-assisted 'transformation'

Litigation pays

More problems for Apple's top desktop

Your clunker will be delayed

Google money machine returns to overdrive

'An extraordinary end to a roller coaster year'

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