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20th > January > 2010 Archive

Big Blue boosts profits despite sales slump

x64 turnaround

Microsoft confirms May date for next SQL Server

Unisys slip pans out

Apple (finally) boot camps Windows 7

19 days late

Bill Gates hits Twitter, re-opens Facebook

Celebs join the crush

Big Brother Blue seeks biometric anti-terror patents

Tracks eyes, breath, aftershave

EMI, Universal ink pacts with free tunes startup

FreeAllMusic (except for the video ads)

Think tank urges more centralised IT

Gov IT failure seemingly down to insufficient meddling

Ex-JBoss chief attacks Monty's 'dangerous' MySQL crusade

Open-source integration at risk

China picks MIPS for super-duper super

Dawning of a new petafloppy day - perhaps

Speedo Aquabeat

ReviewThe life aquatic

Big Blue stalking STEC?

Comment:Rumours drive up SSD maker's share price

Hyundai's i10 goes green

Leccy TechElectric version for late 2010/early 2011

IBM's Power7 servers imminent

Here by March

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

The Teutonic Leap

FBI nicks 22 in classic bribery sting

Hoover would be proud

Vomit cannon to protect vessels from pirates, paparazzi

Mercenaries ward off jacuzzi nipslip threat with puke ray

Rambus thanks Samsung for the memory

$900 million? That'll do nicely...

Post-Copenhagen, does green IT matter?

WorkshopIT is the means, not the end

ASA bans tyrannical German boss ad

Don't mention the war, watchdog orders Reed Online

BOFH-making bug plugged in D-link update

I'm the king of the... oh

Euro astro biz: It's time for solar panels in Spaaace

Orbital laser cannons power stations proposed (again)

2010 will be 'boom time for Apple'

Xmas sales rather higher than expected

Opera swallows mobile ad manager

They've got to make money somehow

Sony sets back PS3 motion controller launch

Extra time for game development

FBI faked terror alerts to get phone records

Subpoena scamola spilled

Swedish necrophiliacs in fake Facebook fundraiser

Haiti hoax relief effort a dead 'good laugh'

Strike cripples Apple screenmaker in China

More money, less paralysis and death wanted

Google grabs Indian cricket coverage

Premier League picks YouTube

Small biz loves VoiP, not air miles

Tech beats planes

Bob the Builder slapped with CGI rendering

Stop motion goes the way of dry stone walling

Google: Keep user data safe by letting us hoard it forever

Fleischer demands EU trust Google

Bocada looks at data protection market through Prism

Just pop off the lens cap

Odd-design Moto smartphone will go global

8Mp Android smartphone inbound

Apple trawling networks for tablet subsidies?

Can it get Microsoft to pay for the iSlate?

World of Warcraft film makers thicken plot

Fans hoping for 2011 release

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1

ReviewClever compact with painless panoramas

Report finds texting a 'valid educational tool'

Dayly txts hlp kids read n rite

New avast freebie security scanner aims to keel-haul MS

UpdatedFree 5.0 tweaked to work faster on multiple cores

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

Guest OpinionP2P is fun: just let us pay for it

Car-stopping electropulse cannon to demo 'next month'

Cig-lighter EMP blaster down to suitcase size, apparently

Modest Apple update slices third-party bugs

Dirty dozen vulns pureed

Oz man coughs to DD-jub job advert outrage

Perp laments 'heavily intoxicated' hack

UN issues call for international privacy agreement

Countering counter-terror powers

DVLA makes £44m flogging drivers' details

The great government data giveaway, if you've got the cash...

Air France offers two-seat deal for fatties

Suggests they pay extra 'for their own comfort'

Baidu sues registrar over DNS records hack

Legal salvo lands in New York

Microsoft gets in hosted services' face, causes headache

Cloud providers left clutching at thin air

New York Times builds paywall - very slowly

Gray Lady to cover up next year

PM: UK airports to get perv scanners next week

Who? What? Where?

IBM buys spook-riddled DC services expert

Financial terms not made public. You don't say

Amazon offers publishers pre-iSlate Kindle bribes

More for authors, too

ARM wrestling: Apple iPad chip to overpower rivals?

In-house chippery to make or break tablet, say analysts

Windows 8 and beyond: Microsoft's next decade

Radio RegThree big bets

Adobe fixes critical Shockwave bugs with neanderthal patch

Manual uninstall required

Apple and Microsoft plot iPhone Google slap

Bing to Jesus meeting

Microsoft will issue emergency IE patch on Thursday

UpdatedCopycat hackers, take notice

Rattled Red Hat battles support impostors

Death of a thousand cuts?

Cisco trials 'internet in space'

In-orbit IP router

eBay marketplace reverses revenue shrinkage

Well, then. The economy must be fine

Apple's iPad - the tablet with the data center soul

CommentWe want your eyeballs. And your money

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