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11th > January > 2010 Archive

IBM software: big, blue and boring in the 2010s

CommentWhere's the next Wladawsky-Berger?

Embedded developments

What’s needed to push things further?

Ion handycam is back to front (and back again)

CES 2010Two lenses = double the fun?

Flexiant flexes muscle in face of web hosting crowd

ExclusiveAmazon-like Flexiscale gets new backers

Plastic Logic shows executive e-book reader

CES 2010 on VideoJoin the Que

Demo'd: how to turn an iPhone into a universal remote

CES 2010 on VideoCustomisable controller for your home entertainment stack

Tax department targets IT downtime

HMRC to cut something, for once

Acer recalls 22,000 over microphone flame out fear

You're speaking too close to the fire

Italians take the 'p' to fight back against Big Brother

Panopticon to Anopticon: Opposing the surveillance state

Taser offers obsessive parents total mobe intrusion package

'Text message blocked due to Silly Spelling'

Database updates star in Oracle quarterly patch batch

A light sprinkling of security fixes

Google preps business-grade Nexus One

BlackBerry rival?

Google too powerful, warns German minister

You can have too much of a non-evil thing

Mozilla teases surfers with near-final version of Firefox 3.6

Show'n'tell Release Candidate hits intertubes

'Google' crowned word of the decade

Epic linguistic fail

Oz firm seeks talented IT developer

'SQL server experience, DD cup breasts'

Zuckerberg: 'I am a prophet'

Facebook genius foresaw today's no privacy 'norm'

Peugeot designs Hybrid4 concept coupé

Leccy TechTo debut at Geneva Motor Show

Rogue phishing app smuggled onto Android Marketplace

Ghost in the machine

CBI kills off the recovery before it's begun

We're all doomed

Yank walks plank over Liverpool fan email

Director suggests to supporter: 'Blow me'

Samsung Omnia II

ReviewDazzling display?

Mozilla tries to silence add-on developers' scream

'Major technology changes, some sacrifices'

AWOL SDK kicks off Nexus One backlash

'Welcome to direct sales Google!'

New mega offshore windfarms could supply 2% of UK energy

Likely to be offshored in more senses than one, though

Celebrity goat declines Britain's Got Talent gig

Caprine YouTube star to stay on the farm

Seagate foresees monster 2011

To follow big ol' 2010

Integrated tube tickets not on the Olympic menu

The world is not your Oyster

US CIOs say the work is piling up

They're ready to start hiring

False Facebook charge group used to spread malware

UpdatedMalware pokes outraged users

Microsoft recruits Halo jobsworths

New edition in development?

Beeb reporter breaks Sonim's 'unbreakable' phone with fishtank

All in a day's work

The charge of the alternative gadget chargers

CES 2010Hydrogen and Wi-Fi used to power tech

IT workers told, 'Put down the biscuits, fat boy'

BCS orders physical jerks

Compellent extends tiering to SAS

SANs up, this is a RAID

DARPA to build 'needle-in-haystack' detector goggles

Not a figure of speech: That's the actual spec

NuLab's fave boffin claims phallocentric conspiracy

Baronness Greenfield discovered to be redundant

Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone

Apple a day evidently not keeping the doctor away

Seagate builds cloud on-ramp for ISVs

Data protection is a cirrus business

Progress moves forward with Savvion BPM buy

Sales upswing in 2010. Profits? Not so much

Orange exec busts opens iSlate kimono

Definitely maybe

IBM sues ex-customer over unpaid $1.7m tab

Transaction software not transacted

Google suggests Islam is nothing

The metaphysics of search

Judge awards Dish Network $51m from satellite pirate

'Substantial and unquantifiable harm'

Dell rolls out rugged OptiPlex PC for retailers

OEMs, please form a line

Google book scanners apologize to Chinese scribes

Sorry for the poor communication - not the scanning

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