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7th > January > 2010 Archive

Cisco mobilizes US Olympics audience

AT&T's network quivers in fear

Easily spoofed traffic can crash routers, Juniper warns

Ashes, ashes all fall down

LG heralds 'first' single-lens 3D projector

CES 2010Avatar in your living room

Sony readies family-friendly internet access gadget

CES 2010Chumby tech inside

Sony shows own-brand SD memory cards

CES 2010End of giant's 'not invented here' syndrome?

Samsung shows off e-book readers you can doodle on

CES 2010Digital marginalia

Third Ruby-on-Rails beta nears launch

With added Merb

Westminster lays ground for shared networks

City Council instigates shared services for capital

Feds ratchet Galleon insider trading case

More charges for Raj?

Software engineer rated best job of 2010 (almost)

Those damn actuaries!

It's official: Blogging is a dangerous business

Report suggests 2009 was worst ever year for bloggers

Popcorn Hour C-200

ReviewDIY media centre, anyone?

Lenovo demos mini laptop with slip-out screen

CES 2010 on VideoLeave the keyboard at home

Ballmer preempts Jobs with tablet slate trio

CES 2010Sets record for speech with most Bings

Volt switches to smartphone maintenance

Leccy TechRemotely charge, but not drive

Gumtree gives up on dating AND casual sex

It's not you it's me

Yes, the Googlephone works in Blighty

And far better than it does in the US

How do you manage service levels in a virtualised environment?

LabBusiness as usual or whole new ball game?

Nexus One teardown: 'nicely put together'

802.11n Wi-Fi support

Mobiles protect against Alzheimer's

If you remember you have one

NASA infrared survey returns first snap

WISE up and running

Peeved Fujitsu workers down tools - again

January strikes begin as relations with bosses remain icy

Anti-paedo vetting boss warns against relying on databases

Grounds for false confidence

MS brings Project Natal to gamers' senses in Xmas 2010

Pre-Natal advice

Freed Peter Moore will be 'paid in full' for time as Iraq hostage

ExclusiveUS to cough up 31 months of danger pay

MEPs put virtual strip machines on the block

Send cheques, postal orders and privacy concerns to...

Southampton chap lodges todger in steel pipe

Cue fire brigade, angle grinder, 'steady hand', etc. etc.

Blu-ray capacity to increase by a third

Expansion benefits prospects for HD and 3D takeup

Moto's morphing Android mounts balance beam

The gymnast's phone?

Packard Bell oneTwo M

ReviewAll-in-one kitchenware?

UK mobile operators call for UK competition regulation

Rivals use watchdogs to annoy T-Orange as much as possible

Boris bares data bunker


ID card scheme for foreigns extended

Footballers and troublesome priests next to say 'cheese'

Johnson reveals ID register linked to NI numbers

It's a one-stop data shop

Galileo sat-nav contracts, startup dates announced

French nukes to get precision guidance from 2014

Pioneer puts Pandora Radio in your car

CES 2010But only if you have an iPhone

Will a service pack for Windows 7 rock up anytime soon?

AnalysisSchtopp, this SP1 isn't ready yet

Boxee shows telly-ready media playback box

CES 2010 on VideoContent from Nas to screen

Toshiba updates snazzy netbooks with latest Atom tech

CES 2010Battery life boost

UK videogaming sales shrink in 2009

Which makes it second best year ever

Dell reveals Pliant SSD-shaped hole in new array

Looks like a design win

Google tosses extra $27.5m on pile to buy On2 Technologies

Mountain View wallet expands to compress video

Sarko gets crypto mobe after BlackBerry ban

French president given 'beautiful' Thales smartphone

Prosecutors claim BitTorrent admin had $300K

OiNK man in court

Intel intros 'ultimate' Wi-Fi card

CES 2010Centrino no longer a laptop brand

US music royalties' collector sues T-Mobile over ringback tones

Noise is golden

LG preps 17mm-skinny HD netbook

CES 2010And a more chunky one too

BMC gulps down Java management minnow

Expect more

Eurostar goes tits up again

Train stuck in tunnel

France floats Google music-and-movie tax

Vive la différence

Palm jumps to Verizon with two new phones

CES 2010 - UpdatedMeet the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future

Touch us, please!

Ion add-on to equip iPhone with full Qwerty keyboard

CES 2010iType turns you handset into a Sinclair Z88

Intel unloads 32-nanometer Cores blitz

CES 2010Squeezes into embedded

Google open-source boss comes clean on Android

'We could do better,' DiBona tells devs

Samsung e-book reader range doubles in a day

CES 2010Yesterday two models, today four, including Kindle lookalike

Samsung's translucent OLED finds home in MP3 player

CES 2010Warning, gimmick approaching

AMD's former chip arm to bake Qualcomm wafers

GlobalFoundries lands third customer

Motorola's latest Android 'andset demo'd

CES 2010 on VideoLadies and Gentlemen, we present Backflip

El Reg sparks international incident with Olympics committee

Flips out over Cisco comment

Windows Mobile 7.0 due on LG phones this year

CES 2010Retailers, get ready

RSA crypto defiled again, with factoring of 768-bit keys

More where that came from

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