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5th > January > 2010 Archive

Google delivers Java 'convenience' APIs

Prepare for Guava juice

Microsoft's muscle-interface patent gets under your skin

Computers get really personal

Record-fine Napsterer wants retrial with RIAA

Blames Apple DRM

Korean bank dumps Unix boxen for mainframes

Seoul of a new machine

Mr Bean ousts PM from Spain's official website

This coup brought to you by XSS

Starting positions for next decade's external storage race

CommentEMC rises as Sun sets

Chip sales grew (for real) in November

SIA says recession is MIA

NASA's Kepler telescope finds 5 new planets

...and one hot mystery

Mintpass Mintpad

ReviewSmall screen stick notes, anyone?

2016 bug hits Windows phones

Y 2.01K spreads

Paid-for Pre apps coming to Europe

600 apps and growing

OmniVision flashes 14.6Mp image sensor

Cameraphone addicts rejoice

BAE Saudi 'corruption' case could go to US Supremes

British, US governments flip hot potato back and forth

Western Digital goes cartoon crazy

Ladies seemingly in short supply in the storage world

Taoist truck driver guilty of unlawful sex

Victim 'stupid and ignorant' aspiring model

Y2.01K bug trips up Symantec

Schoolboy error causes red faces

Newspaper e-reader launched

Evolution of the printed word?

Apple to splurge $275m on mobile ad broker

Quids thrown at Quattro

Mouse nest found in London copper's paperwork

'A little embarrassed' by untidy desk

The case for storage virtualisation

LabHas its time come?

HDS hails new high-end storage

Box fresh USP-V

Watchdog smacks Times for bogus climate claim

Inaccurate advert hits iceberg in Russian waters

Paramount prepares to scale Dune

New movie adaptation of Frank Herbert classic

News Corp tosses Rotten Tomatoes

Flixster to enjoy fruits of their labours

Opera co-founder and CEO quits

Lars Boilesen handed baton by Jon von Tetzchner

Lenovo joins the smartbook gang

ARM-based smartphone/netbook launched

Roboplane tech can deal with air-traffic control directly

Good news for flying cars, bad for fleshy flyboys

U2 frontman bitchslapped by TalkTalk

Bono bloody Bono

LG GM750

ReviewJack of all trades?

Masses marvel at 'Most Useless Machine'

You turn it on, it turns itself off...

Google tries to quietly trample on Apple's toes

CommentThe Mountain View way lacks Apple's bullishness

World's first camera-cum-ski goggle developed

Piste perfection?

Sony slims Walkman's girth

Thinnest model yet

Facebook offs social suicide service

Don't be poking me

National Rail website buried ahead of snow storm

Desperate commuters look to sky and see red

Sony to co-launch 3D TV channel?

Take that, ESPN

Outrageous new means of megastar demise spotted

Antimatter death blast sock-knocking phenomenon

IBM joyfully outs Core i3 chips in entry servers

Can't help spreading the good news

Google (still) pocketing dollars for free clicks

10 months of 'conversion inflation syndication fraud'

Google uncloaks the Nexus One

UpdatedGooglestore sells Googlephone

Hacker pilfers browser GPS location via router attack

'Scary how accurate it is'

Oracle gobbles last firm for the decade

Silver Creek Systems down the pipe

Microsoft undercuts planned Office 2010 retail price

UpdatedClick/install beats shop/unwrap

Ex-server maker Verari auctions what's left of self

'Excellent business opportunity'

Feds investigate theft of $3m from NY school

An epidemic continues

Italians threaten suit over Windows pre-install

Want money back after Microsoft force-feed

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