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28th > April > 2009 Archive

eBay scammer gets four years in slammer


Konami nixes Six Days in Fallujah

Iraq War 'game-amentary' dishonorably discharged

Big Blue shipped Power6+ last fall

Been there. Done that. Didn't admit it

Carphone Preston branch joins union blackout

UpdatedSpelling errors clearly not fixed yet

SiliconDust HDHomeRun

ReviewNice hardware – shame about the software

IP minister rules out 'three strikes' disconnection law

Pirates breathe 'Arrr!' of relief

Seagate intros Replica slimline backup box

Time Capsule, with wires

Small biz slams Harman's equal ops law

'Get off our backs'

Microsoft ropes in EDS to punt online services

Roll up, roll up

PAC slams government's 'cosy' relationship with IT suppliers

Officials 'not interested in managing contracts'

IBM gives Cisco some Brocade chatback

Switches sally forth

Verizon may gobble up Diet iPhone

New iStuff would be useless outside US, though

Chinese e-car makers show wares

'Leccy TechHighlights from the Shanghai Motor Show

DARPA at Phase 3 on solar powered surveillance strato-ship

$400m robot radar dirigible to stay up for 1 year+

Yorkshire man wakes up Irish after brain surgery

From top of the head to top of the morning

AMD intros $109 Radeon 4-series graphics card

Money-back offer

Videos of SkyTone's Android netbook appear online

Learn more about the Google-based mini laptop

Pig plague 2.0: Can't spell 'pandemic' without 'panic'

If you can read this you're not dead, yet

Boffins pump out pop-up touchscreen

The latest tactile touchscreen tech

Firefox devs ask navels when to curtail Mac OS support

'I don't want to be worrying about 10.4 until 2012'

Phorm boss blogs from a dark, dark place

Ertugrul shouts at the bins

Solwise Piggy 6 multi-device powerline network adaptor

ReviewHelp gadgets get their snouts in the mains broadband trough

Infosec opens in new venue

Infosec:Dolly birds and cybercrime

Blunkett to press for cyberwar probe of BT's Chinese kit

ExclusiveKill button fear

Hire your very own Fred the Shred

Infosec:Old school, industrial-grade data destruction

Is DAS the storage comeback kid?

LSI scents resurgence

Connecting for Health suppliers told to get busy

Connelly delivers November ultimatum

ASBO woman cuffed over raucous rumpy-pumpy

Flouted 'excessive noise' ban, and then some

MEPs get the fear over nanotechnology

But can't wait for car tracking and e-cash

Carphone Warehouse resolves union site ambiguity

By banning site completely

London gym floors hoodies with Chav Fighting classes

'Don't give them an ASBO, give them a kicking...'

Yes! It's the iPhone USB Missile Launcher app!

Position and fire sponge rockets, using your iPhone

Vaio P-like Android netbook in works?

Averatec unveils 10in 'mystery OS' netbook

Losses at Unisys run into Q1

Japan stalls mainframe deals

Honda executes 180° turn on plug-in e-cars

'Leccy TechFuture's not all hydrogen, after all

Mozilla releases final Firefox 3.5 beta

Minor bit of spit, polish applied

Pork industry in 'swine flu' tag beef

Pig plague threatens producers' bacon

Homer Simpson 'nuclear waste spill' panic at nuke sub base!

Almost as bad as dropping a luminous watch in the sea!

Loudmouth workers leaking data through social networking sites

Twitter ye not

Bye bye BlackBerry mail

Euro addicts get unexpected day off

HTC's second Android phone coming 1 May

Vodafone unveils Magic and 'save a fiver' price plan

Geek makes mobile fire-fighting robot

End of the line for the Fire Brigade?

Amazon eats open ebook reader

Doubles up on iPhone

IBM juices dividend (yet again)

Stacks $6.7bn for share buybacks

Adobe users imperiled by critical Reader flaw

UpdatedMove over, Microsoft

Microsoft's TomTom patents under scrutiny

Trimming the FAT

Google apes Digg with iGoogle gadget

'What's popular' popcorn

Sun silent on sorry server sales

Revenues plunge 20 per cent

Microsoft in the Pink with Verizon on iPhone?

Search buddies double up

Microsoft retires AutoRun (kinda, sorta)

Security as second fiddle

Web 0.2 archivists save Geocities from deletion

Preserving history one hideous webpage at a time

Intel says new PCs will cost you nothing

If you buy now. And wait 10 months

IBM slips Power6+ into racks, blades

The chip that dare not speak its name

Windows XP Mode: Certify like you mean it

No Windows 7 soft option

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