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22nd > April > 2009 Archive

Google splits with Mozilla on 3D interwebs

VRML 2: Electric Googaloo

Cache-poisoning attack snares top Brazilian bank

Google Adsense spoofed

AMD loses cash less quickly

Is the bottom in sight?

Oracle guru speaks peace, MySQL old-guard cautious

Closed-source kid gloves applied

AMD chases Nehalem with speedier Shanghai

If you can't beat 'em, ultra low volt 'em

Scots to pioneer remote sex via glowing ring

Distant partners test nookie-by-light-pen

The McNealy and Schwartz Sun legacy

CommentHow dot com survivor became a beached whale

Fujitsu cuts contractor pay

Hardware giant tosses another gloom grenade

Darling banks on offshoring to save UK plc

Budget 09Budget to promise civil service cuts

Texas goes large with supersize SSD

5TB beast is mighty big, mighty fast'n'green

Seagate's Barracuda goes low-power

Greener than Caviar Green

Carphone Warehouse to become two

Take one telecoms company into the shower?

eBay officially not cheaper than High Street

Except possibly for telescopic hats and spares for WWII landing craft

Latest Intel netbook chipset needs Vista for boosted graphics

Solution simple: wait for Windows 7

LSI mans up on bandwidth

Boosts 7900 array I/O and capacity, sees rise in DAS

Mozilla update quashes nine bugs

Critical memory corruption bug stars in update

Oldsters: If you think you'll lose your memory, you will

Remember: Forget the whole theory

Ocarina making dedupe music with BlueArc

As well as appearing in a Legend of Zelda game

Server platforms and operating systems: Reg readers speak

Reg BarometerVirtualisation more important than Platform?

Euro Parliament agrees roaming caps

Just before elections. Fancy

It's US vs Europe as world e-car plug standard race nears end

'Leccy TechOne ring-main to rule them all

Old school music sales fell 8% last year

Digital fails to offset decline, industry blames pirates

Android-based tablet PC spied online

SkyTone’s Alpha 680

Virgin Media sticks with Phorm

There's more than one way to target ads

Yes! It's the World of Warcraft house!

The ultimate shed for WoW addicts

Gov systems found on 1.9m zombie botnet

Ooh, nasty

Interstellar Bebo spamgasm targeted at 'water world'

Web-2.0 tomfoolery could trigger alien jellyfish attack

Darling points at silver lining, floats investment in broadband

Budget 09Want some of what he's drinking? It'll cost you

Dead PC tycoon's estate eaten up by credit card debts

Forsyth saga comes to an end

Toshiba unveils next netbook

Move over NB100, here's the NB200

LG insider points to Apple OLED notebook

Release imminent. Allegedly

Eurocrats, MEPs clash on telecoms reform to flush out pirates

Cutting off is hard to do

Info Commissioner contacted 74 times over Street View

Possibly all from that chap filmed peeing in the street

MPs to probe ISP snooping and throttling

Who woke them up?

Why Whack-a-Tard won't save music

P2P: the next generation

Google should punt content thief ad payments to rights owners

Big networks should get noble, says software firm

Samsung samples 500GB laptop HDD

'I scoff at your less capacious SSD'

Dell updates Studio 15

Bigger screen and slower processor, but only slightly

Bittorrent's Bram Cohen on the music biz

CodeCon 09 InterviewGazing into the smudgy crystal ball of P2P

Budget reaction: Credit insurance good, all else bad

Budget 09Darling budget upsets small biz

One third of workers open to bribes for data theft

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Darling supports broadband by raiding Granny's digital fund

Budget 09Stop us if you've heard this one

Ballmer disses Oracle's decision to buy Sun

Perplexed MS boss butters up Russia instead

Branson mothership bottom smacked in 'touch & go' incident

Blushing cheeks at Virgin Galactic

Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000

ReviewWorld's first 60f/s HD camcorder

IBM picks open-source in Oracle database fight

Compatibility is a company called EnterpriseDB

Google feeds Analytics API to world+dog

Stats, stats everywhere

IBM boasts Sun-HP server pact pillaging

Customer theft tit-for-tat

AT&T reveals slipping iPhone sales

Fanbois eye Third Coming

Turks hijack Kiwi MSN via DNS cracks

RSAA pie in the face of Microsoft (and everyone else)

Tech giants surrender to Oz Wi-Fi boffins

'Prior art' my Kookaburra

Microsoft's DNA won't permit Oracle-Sun deal

CommentBallmer knows his knitting

AMD pulls forward six-shooter Opteron cannon

Guns for Intel on server turf

VMware lovers to slow fake server spending

The mind is willing. The wallet is not

Microsoft rallies Google-averse on pubCenter

No time like a recession

eBay endures revenue shrinkage deja vu

But all will be fine in 2011

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