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20th > April > 2009 Archive

Rail union ballots for strike over fingerprints

Hands off our dabs

Pirate Bay convictions are legally insignificant outside Sweden

EditorialSafe for Google, eBay to remove tin hats, too

Tory terror police were 'fishing' for Liberty

Damian Green on Keystone Kops

Flash: Fibre Channel drives poised for the exit

In the year 2012

TVonics MDR-250

ReviewRather good, considering the price

Spansion loses chief financial officer

Executive retention pay deal doesn't work

US Navy unveils superconductor 'cloaking device' destroyer

Captain Needa! It happened again

OCZ nips in to NetBook flash market

Clambers aboard miniPCI Express

JG Ballard — 1930-2009

Sci-Fi giant leaves this Ballardian world rehires butler Jeeves

Rebranding reverse ferret

Google accused of UK tax dodge

UK tax bill? No results

Music industry sites DDoSed after Pirate Bay verdict

Hacktivism cuts both ways

LG officially launches Viewty Smart

The Viewty's successor

ICO rules against British Council

Disc loss doh!

Windows 7 Release Candidate coming 5 May

Microsoft spins out another 'leak'

Lotus offers to end e-car silent running

'Leccy TechA Tesla that sounds like a TIE Fighter, anyone?

BT wins Starbucks Wi-Fi deal

iPhones and lattes, together at last

Videogames aid 'life skill' development

Claim... er... gamers

Spec-less 3D TV displayed

A step closer to in-home 3D TV?

Adobe turns on to Flash TVs

Skinning up another consumer end-point

Oracle reels in Sun Microsystems with $7.4bn buy

Orasun? Sunacle? Suc(k)le?

External multi-touch trackpad fingered

A MacBook, without the expense

Intel X25-M solid-state drive firmware update

ReviewSpeed booster

Marathon bundles up HA and FT with everRun 2G

Lockstepping fault tolerance for Xen virtual machines

Blu-ray to boom despite downturn

Analyst forecasts 100 per cent sales growth

HP pits Matrix against Cisco's California

'We need blades. Lots of blades'

World's first waterproof, solar phone unveiled

Eco-power, while talking in the bath

Twitter riddled with worms and scams (again)

Who will stop the madness?

Lumension keys in Securityworks for compliance buy

Knock your SOX off

Tosh unfolds 10in netbook series

Larger screen and longer battery life than NB100

Sony whips out better basic Blu-ray box

S350's successor

Nokia Wizard spells security issue

E-mail passwords magically grabbed

Profs: Human race must become Hobbits to save planet

British men 3'3" tall would meet UK carbon pledges

The Pirate Bay loads cannon with official appeal

Reel around the fountain

RedFly goes soft

Windows Mobile at 1024x768

King Larry launches Oracle-Sun combo at Big Blue, Cisco

AnalysisBig Red wants a piece of HP, too

LG to unwrap OLED screens by Christmas

Firm talks up OLED delivery

DHS hunts for white-hat hackers

Only the elite

New England wrestles porn law schizophrenia

Sexting OK. Geezer porn? Not so much

Apple rides fanbois to popularity crown (again)

4,564 Americans can't be wrong?

Obama taps America's top techie

iTunes pusher named ADfTutWHoSaTP

Canonical punts Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope

Pre-Karmic Koala for netbooks, desktops, servers

FBI docs out home-brewed spyware probes

Browser vulns optional

IDC: PC market slowing...pretty much everywhere

Q1 padded by small, cheap love

One Laptop Per Child dumps AMD for VIA

Beyond Geode

Jackalope gets jaunty with Ubuntu nip and tuck

ReviewGrowls over universal messaging

Google boffins unveil 'What's Up?' CAPTCHA

Arms race extended

Big Blue defies server crash with Q1 profit

Mum on Sun, Oracle, Cisco

Canonical parks cloud on Jackalope

In-house Amazon aping

HP ScanJet 3C takes lead on Bohemian Rhapsody

PC parts' Queen cover combo

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