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15th > April > 2009 Archive

Intel’s Otellini spots bottom on negative numbers

Enterprise break on recovery

Trafficmaster preps mobile phone drive

Info firm launches beta for smartphones

Virgin Media switches to Gmail

Knacker's yard for in-house platforms

Steptoe storage vendors cash in on junk platters

CommentWhy tech that could extend disk life was rejected

More layoffs due at Yahoo!

New broom clonks heads

Microsoft to cover ‘E74’ Xbox 360 error

Problem linked to three flashing red lights

New e-waste rules may be too much for UK business, warns Gov

We preferred when it was just kids collecting cans

Excel bulletin stars in Microsoft patch batch

8 fixes, but no PowerPoint prob plug

ZuneHD en-route to Blighty?

Mole talks of OLED Zune for '3D Xbox games'

Copyright Tribunal rules will change to fast track smaller cases

That means cases involving small amounts, not dwarves

Sage waves voluntary redundo plan at staff

Software co won't say how many it wants to lose

Android army marches into living rooms

Japanese set-top box this way comes

Toshiba Portégé M750

ReviewThe tablet PC soldiers on

UK's visa fingerprint system fails

Foreign fingers cut off

D-Link creates home network starter kit

Plug 'n' Play simplicity

Smear site leads back to Commons

Who'd a thunk it?

Nokia sees easy meat with Easy Meet

Dump snaps on friends and relatives from afar

Scammers use Ford to drive users to scareware sites

Mondeo man offered malware by black-hat SEO fiends

Clock starts ticking: Office 2010 will definitely ship in... 2010

Microsoft to serve up 64-bit version

'Let me use poo-flinging Roman siege engine against burglars'

Croc-wrestling wife-lob dancefloor kingpin's plea

Germany not a hard-line censor after all suffers chronic lack of teutonic efficiency

Gadget-laden travellers given free Heathrow juice

Airport installs 47 'Power Poles'

FEV talks up Caliber ReEV

'Leccy TechA Dodge Caliber in disguise

Farmers furious at EU's sheep-chip scheme

Get orf my laaamb

Phorm director advises broadband minister

Conflicts denied as Amazon opts out

Numonyx bets on Phase-Change Memory

Virident says thanks for the memory

LG Germany cock-up uncovers Viewty successor

ExclusiveOfficial blog unveils phone too early, but gets name wrong

Cabinet Office promises auto-sacking for breaking email rules

O'Donnell dampens flames with warm flannel

Mozilla considers dumping Firefox support for Win2k, early XP

Procrastination is all in a day's work...

DARPA AI will trawl petabytes of UAV vid for enemy cows

Will see horses, deduce existence of evil cattle

McAfee: Save the planet - use a spam filter

Junk mail makes monster carbon emissions? Oh noes!

Microsoft courts the upwardly mobile

WLTM anyone with 10 years' MS experience

IBM-led tech outfit backs EC in Microsoft browser fight

Sticking the interoperability boot in

Open-source iPhone plan to control your home

JBoss disrupter returns

Chambers' Cisco not interested in Sun's body

Speed-dating king could use the brains

Olympic champ's mom sues Google for dead blogger's post

Good luck with that

BNT and IBM discover patent love to block Unified Cisco

Cross-licensed, re-branded and ready

The amazing disappearing Omnia HD

Man makes video using invisible phonecamera

Wanted: Creative spark for iPhone games

CommentMobile renaissance in dark ages

Attention Symantec: There's a bug crawling on your website

XSS strikes again

Microsoft Office for Mac fix falls at first hurdle

UpdatedIf at first you can't install, re-install

NASA rejects democracy, names ISS node 'Tranquility'

Get sweaty on the COLBERT

McKinsey: Adopt the cloud, lose money

Virtualize your datacenter instead

AT&T seeks additional year of iPhone lock-in

Apple's mutual dependency

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