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14th > April > 2009 Archive

Intel to help Chinese netbookers

New life for Linux

Conspiracy theories aplenty as Amazon delists gay books

Right wingers blamed

NASA rover resurrected twice over Easter weekend

Mars explorer 'Spirit', of course

Businesses will postpone Windows 7 rollouts

Vista left a nasty taste

IBM-free Sun unwraps Nehalem EP servers

Let's not talk about that Bigger Indigo thing

Satyam sold to BT-backed Indian firm

Bargain buy or pig in a poke?

EMC federates Symmetrix controllers in virtual matrix

Keanu Reeves to allegedly play Joe Tucci in film

Storage firm hopes to cut IP litigation costs with escrow discovery

Laptop-in-locked-room idea to solve legal conundrum

eBay looks to flog useless stuff

Its, not yours

Atrato adds SSD to its sealed arrays

Self-optimising software adds Skynet element to storage

Hybrid Jaguar XJ en-route?

'Leccy TechLuxury eco travel

Nikon unveils the D5000

Take that, Canon 500D

Hair-stripping fungus threatens future of judo and sumo

Martial artists felled by itchy foot to the head

Labour flames whistleblowers in email smear brouhaha

OpinionWould have gotten away with it if not for pesky bloggers

Nokia-branded laptop edging closer?

Finnish firm rumoured to be in production talks

Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures

UpdatedICO and Phorm respond

'Vista Capable' judge tosses class-action status - again

Plaintiffs can appeal or sue individually

Nokia N79 Active

ReviewKeep track of your ticker

Profs: Facebook, Twitter users are lazy, thick, amoral

Worthless as people, as well as commercially

Spam spurt fuelled by booming underground economy

Junk mail trebles as crooks barter for IDs

Sony talks up 'digital only format' PSP game

But only as a 'test case'

Seagate sees more restructuring ahead

More jobs on the line

BT health problems will cost more jobs

Telco engaged in write-offs and job cuts

More IBM contractors get rates cut

Elan feels the burn

Play unveils AspireRevo launch date

And it's next month!

IDC: Linux to benefit from recession

And from the recovery, too

US superputer nuke boffins puff mighty, arse-kicking GPU

Petaflop pipe-fatness touches 25 kilowrists

Goldman Sachs threatens blogger over demonic domain name

Sachs says Sachs 666 sucks

One in ten PCs still vulnerable to Conficker exploit

Scared yet? Eh? Eh?

IPCC U-turn on Tomlinson CCTV

Did we say that?

Brazilian ejected as lingerie arouses border staff suspicions

No cover-up at Newcastle airport

Nintendo confirms MotionPlus launch

Extra motion sensitivity coming soon

Fourth antivirus firm buys into behavioural blocking

Veni, Vedi, Avinti

Microsoft ends mainstream XP, Office 2003 support

Just click your heels together three times

Radiopaq punts 'custom tuned' cans

Rock earphones for rockers, Jazz for jazz fans...

Symmetrix and the death of monolithic arrays

V-Max is modular through and through

NASA probes seek remnants of lost 'Theia' planet

Boffins: Ancient world smashed into us to create Moon

Former Qwest CEO headed to prison

Dot-com, insider-trading stir

Microsoft extends Red-Ring-of-Death cover to fresh Xbox fault

E74 - a failure in any language

Dell chases Sparc shops with migration offer

You and everybody else, Michael

Cisco dismisses 'hefty' layoffs rumor

Smells not quite right

Toshiba secretly working on TG02 and TG03?

Leaked document reveals Tosh's phone roadmap

Google gives a peek of Android 1.5

UIs, tools and APIs revealed

Tesla to open London showroom

'Leccy TechFirm's first non-North American abode

BSA hijacks Somali pirate hype

Yo Ho Ho...ld on a minute

SLED 11: a distro for businesses, not idealists

ReviewFruit of Novell's Microsoft marriage delivers

eBay to divorce Skype on Wall St

Hangs up on Web 2.0 telco dream

Student sentenced for F-ucked up grade hack

Act of God clods

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