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10th > April > 2009 Archive

Tesla Roadster runs for 241 miles in Monte Carlo e-rally

'Leccy TechOn a single charge of the battery, too

Apple muffles PC noisemakers

Acoustic Annoyance Model

Apple bullish on iPhone refresh sales

100 million reasons why

A Twitter PR agency: Just what the world needs now

Or how to stop your client doing a Britney in less than 140 characters

NetApp guarantees virtuality

Rapid virtual desktop cloning

The mobile phone as self-inflicted surveillance

And if you don't have one, what have you got to hide?

Seagate shows off HDD-to-TV media player

VideoFreeAgent Theatre demo'd

Scareware scammers adopt cold call tactics

Supportonclick scam spreading

How the government uses dirty data to legislate morality

So what's a standard deviation?

QLogic claims FCoE queue lead

Fills InfiniBand niche

Microsoft's 3DV acquisition a go

Digital depth detection

Microsoft and Yahoo! resume mating ritual

Bartz eyeballs Ballmer

Sun software - Does it make diddly?

CommentGive it away, and some day they'll pay. Maybe

New Navy SEAL minisub's IT-system specs released

US frogmen to get inertial nav, 'plug & play' periscope

Cable-cutting vandals disconnect Silicon Valley

Police searching for AT&T snippers

Apple to surgically remove MobileMe parts

Time called on .Mac

Google streams data center pods to world+dog

Project Will Power hits YouTube

Microsoft ready for an open-source skoolin'

FAT patents pie

Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit

Claims gripe blog confuses customers

IBM serves System S streaming super

Prototype lands in Canada

Yahoo! gifts (more) boffins stuffed elephant

Hadoop fuels home page

Teens reject Microsoft's Zune

Player's stairway to Heaven

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