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9th > April > 2009 Archive

GPS drives father to murder

Man kills himself and kids after tracing cheating wife

Trekkies enjoy surprise Star Trek premiere

Live long and prosper

Novell's openSUSE does ARM Linux

Foundation blessing

Sonar causes (temporary) deafness in dolphins

One unlucky bottlenose

Hadoop - Why is Google juicing Yahoo! search?

Inside the Mountain View mind

Isilon's EMEA boss leaves

Director of technical services also obtaining coat

Ofcom guns for Hollywood with roaming vid

Epic on hazards of foreign food to follow

Apple sued over iPhone, MacBook multi-touch tech

Taiwanese firm takes on Mac maker

AP orders affiliate to pull embedded YouTube vids

Radio station 'stunned' by 'unlicenced' use attack

Russian schoolgirl invents inertioid-driven Venus rover

'Indigo Child' shows humanity the way forward

Apple reportedly coughs to plastic MacBook crack conundrum

Quietly authorising out-of-warranty repairs?

Microsoft ordered to pay $388m patent infringement damages

Astonishingly, Microsoft plans appeal

NASA astronaut goes a-Twittering

Hubble mission specialist muses on space 'scope and tostadas

Traffic info goes mobile

But don't read it while actually driving

Summary care records - you might die, but they never will

Once you can opt in, you can never opt out

US outlines secretive international piracy deal

Shadowy ninja agreement allegedly for industrial use only

Bidders 'plot Nortel break up'

Rivals snap at best bits

MySpace rant was not private, rules US Court of Appeal

Why not just keep your trap shut? That might help

P2P eavesdrop 'guilt by association attack' developed

Free BitTorrent countermeasure released

Ricoh CX1

ReviewSay hello to the 'careful-cam'

Conficker botnet stirs to distribute update payload

It's alive!

The Quick - and the Dead in the Water

CommentMet Assistant Commissioner resigns following security breach

New e-crime units nabs nine banking Trojan suspects


PETA pitches for Pet Shop Animal Shelter Boys

Pop duo decline name change request

HK movie star porn snap thief faces trial

Allegedly swiped intimate pics from Edison Chen's laptop

How to address the two key challenges with virtualization

Three papers for the data centre

Whitehall to train pro-West Islamic groups to game Google

ExclusiveExperts say it won't work

LG launches first 'Freesat inside' TV

Say goodbye to set-top boxes

Xbox Live downloads for sale on Amazon

Click, pay, print, download, play

Samsung phone named after northern city

Llanfairpwll gwyngyllgogerychwyrnd robwllllantysiliogogogoch in uproar

Brits not sold on eco handsets

Price, battery life more important than greenness

Microsoft wraps Live Search in chicken and breadcrumbs

Redmond prays Kiev contents will be hot

Naming the Palm Prē: Strategy Boutique OD's on joss-sticks

'Fluid alliteration' to the sound of whalesong

Obama science chief: Geo-engineer to save Gaia!

Sulphur, so good

16 teams to field 24 e-bikes in 'zero-emission' TT race

'Leccy TechSome big names among them

France rejects Three Strikes

Has Hadopi had it?

Denon spins out vinyl-to-MP3 turntable

Bring your music collection into the modern age

In-car Twittering on the rise?

Insurers scan Twitter for evidence of Tweeting drivers delays new data breach powers

ICO still waiting for teeth

UK police bust lottery scam centre in Somerset

Scammers told: 'Get orf moi laaand!'

Who snapped first?

The Met experiences panopticon blowback

Firm debuts flashing 'phones

Blinking LEDs visualise the beats

Microsoft loses data centre head

Michael Manos takes on 'bigger' job at Digital Realty Trust

US mobile carriers want more devices, fewer OSes

And they take their time saying it

Microsoft puts Sun's Tremblay in SiArch

Whatever that is

Facebook in Pirate Bay block Fail

Big clumsy brother

Apple eyes new-age iPhone answering machine

You've got video mail

Google money machine defies common sense

Advertisers shrink, ads expand

Cisco shells out $105m for Tidal

Interspersing California

Intel committed to mobile Linux, despite core dump

Linux FCSParticipation through project packing

Nehalem aces OLTP test on HP iron

Shames Shanghai, Dunnington

Microsoft downsizes Seadragon and Photosynth brains

Hip to be square in a down economy

GooTube unfurls Universal video player, website

'Vevo' la revolución

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