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3rd > April > 2009 Archive

Linux chief calls for FAT-free Microsoft diet

Moment on the lips, lifetime on the GPS

Google advises flushing your website

Web 2.0 ExpoLessons in load time

Clearwire gives devs free WiMAX sandbox

Silicon Valley 'head start'

Super Talent flashes the big whopper

Settle down - it's a 2TB PCIe flash drive

How gov scapegoats systems for man-made errors

Dead pupil letter shows it is human to err

White wine stains your teeth too

Off-colour gnashers: the wages of sin

BT gets 8 NHS trusts in south

Connecting for Health gets hooked up

Xbox 360 update released

And just after the PS3 firmware launch too...

Radiohead and chums demand copyright 'fair play'

The Cliff Clause

Wacky DS gadget sounds playing-too-long warning

Tells if you're too close, too

Obama gives Queen iPod

'We have already got one'

Ofcom gets puffed out over wind turbines

The answer is blowing in the wind

Fighting Thermageddon just got £1 trillion cheaper

Thanks to the magic of numbers

Mandy ditches red tape pledge

Cos what goes up, must always come down

Locking up the cloud

Ninja security group forms alliance

Asus Eee Linux-based Skype Videophone

ReviewChat with your chums, change the source code

G20 Summit: All the action caught on camera

Our man braves London's riot-ravaged streets

Orange unveils Tabbee family organiser

Take that, Joggler

Conficker zombie botnet drops to 3.5 million

Map of the Problematique

China goes gung-ho for EVs

'Leccy TechCure to nation's pollution ills?

Bucks village repels Street View spycar

Blitz mentality halts progress of German-manufactured invader

Students Union reps vote to ban cheap booze for students

Talk about your ivory tower viewpoint

Lloyd-Webber calls for clampdown on ISPs

How do you solve a problem like peer-to-peer?

British steam car completes final testing

Next stop 170mph

Google makes Gmail search accessible to all comers

About time too

Harvard Prof. praises 'file-sharing Radiohead'

The whacky world of Charlie Nesson

Verizon promises 4G for every American

Life, liberty and mobile data

BBC fined £150k over Manuelgate

Ofcom slaps Auntie hard

French pass 'three strikes' file-sharing law

Oh merde

Security's golden rules

Episode 6Audio with slides

Ready or not, IPv6 is coming

AnalysisGoogle attempts to avert interweb end-of-days scenario

Twitter not yet in 'late stage' talks with Google

Web 2.0 will have to wait for Googlitter

Man gets life for killing game-obsessed partner

Woman stayed up all night with Niko Bellic

UKBA to exchange fingerprints with US

Someday, your prints will come

Next-gen iPhone to sport 3.2Mp camera?

5Mp Apple device coming later this year, claim moles

BT cuts phone charges for prisoners

Scottish porridge eaters pay more

Unpatched PowerPoint flaw spawns Trojan attacks

Clear and presentation danger

MSI prices up Eee Top-style all-in-one PC

'Glassy' desktop to arrive next month

EMC could refresh Symmetrix on April 14

DMX-5 - Tigon or try-on?

Boffins invent automatic net-hookup roboffinry machines

Exponential +feedback runaway droidscience epoch coming

AMD ATI Radeon HD 4890

ReviewGet ready for gigahertz graphics

U.S. unemployment rate jumps to 8.5 per cent

Tech vendors and telcos still cutting jobs

We can save the world, claim mobile operators

If only you'll let us

Tories fear legal dodge over comms überdatabase

Euro data law comes into force on Monday

Sky broadcasts live 3D pop concert

Keane as mustard on 3DTV

Do we get the IT security we deserve?

Balancing technology with governance

Parallels conducts Extreme Nehalem workstation wooing

Virtual machines for actual whizzes

Why the iPhone's megapixelage alone won't matter

Size isn't everything

Google brewing 'offline' web office apps

Web 2.0 ExpoBrowserized Gmail for iPhone, Android

Japan talks lunar 'bots as commies go hot

Time to stretch those servos

IBM cuts internet comp for work-at-homers

Big Blue 'denies' internal memo

iPhone VoIP tussle heats up

Skype vs Deutsche Telekom, AT&T

SAP promises maintenance metrics 'soon'

Customer relationship breakdown

Gnome answers Linux critics with 'big' vision plan

"Experience" this

Google force feeds Web 2.0 to US gov

Web 2.0 ExpoAnd it comes right back up...

Massive Sun cuts planned as IBM focuses on software trio

Death and the community

AMD to spend $50m cutting costs

If it wasn't for bad luck...

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