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1st > April > 2009 Archive

Spam regains pre-McColo reach

Junk mail strikes back

‘Wikipedia killer’ pilfers blogosphere, taunts bloggers

How to badmouth your way to free content

HP ponders Android netbooks

Smartnetphonebook only a matter of time

Soothsayers slash IT spending forecasts

Worse than the bust

Atlantis trundles to Kennedy launch pad

Hubble mission go for 12 May

Aptare goes upgrade crazy

SRM for a brave new virtual server world

Bondage bonzer for bonding, beam boffins

New Scientist finds smiling spankers, perky possums

Google to fund 'video Street View' for Central London

April Fool'It's not surveillance, it's sharing'

Competition Commission scuppers Capita takeover

Regulator dubious over potential monopoly

Motorola Aura

ReviewWorth the £1250 asking price?

Dept of Work and Pensions isn't working, says report

Ombudsman tears it a new one - but is it that bad?

EC publishes Q&A on overseas data transfer

Where your personal bumf can go on its hols

Florida cops taser satnav lake plunge woman

April Fool'Premenstrual issues' blamed for loss of $100k Mercedes

VMare floats April date for cloud launch

Shower of forecasts

LametopsLaptops Direct offers free funerals

April Fool'Unique sponsorship package' for cash-strapped bereaved

iPhone apps punt iPhone apps

Dross-filtering in-app advertising feedback loop

eBay put Skype on iPhone 'to boost price of NSA backdoor'

April Fool'Judas Phone' reaps $bns for 'man-at-both-ends' attack

Which desktop Linux distribution?

Reader PollHobbyist versus serious deployment

‘Unifying standard’ vital for mass-market 3D TV

Gamers, not movie fans, to lead the way

Spd improves mobile TV experience

Still spd all to watch, though

Detroit does mass-market e-car deal with Proton

'Leccy TechMade in Malaysia, sold in Europe

Conficker botnet remains dormant - for now

All quiet on the malware front

US Patent Office exposes Apple secret plan

April FoolCupertino's 'silence' landgrab

Miss Universe pops into Guantánamo Bay

'It was a loooot of fun!'

Nokia releases mobile info app

Scan movie posters to get trailers, film times

Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe

IE 8 unfavourably skews stats

Intel 'Nehalem' Xeon 5500 series

ReviewBreathtaking performance

Nokia apps points and shoots finds and sells

Wish lists become pic lists

Logica snaffles police database deal

Dibble's delayed data sharing plan

US atom boffins: Our cloud makes sky easier to see

Vast astro pic-stash data portal unwrapped

HP pitches Cloud Assure at corporate world

SaaSy offering

Bloggers could squeak out of court reporting restrictions

Ignorance could be valid get-out. Unless you read this

Silicon Graphics goes titsup (again)

Instant buy up by Rackable

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest

April FoolTense negotiations at Vulture Central

MS punts stripped down Windows Server 2008 at tiny SMBs

Back to basics with Foundation

Space launches could be capped to save ozone layer

Fun? Interesting? Useful? Bad for you

UltraDNS back online after DDoS assault

Back off the canvas

Boffins sound super-thin speaker revolution

0.25mm thick speakers promise great sound

Verizon clocks on at the widget factory

One billion customers to share application store

BBC Trust moots new licence laws to cope with net

Telly ownership on the wane

EMC VP breaks company's own embargo

New email management product revealed

HTC unveils BlackBerry-style smartphone

Snap formerly known as 'Maple'

Yahoo! engineer in murder-suicide riddle

Six dead and one critical after Santa Clara massacre

Who is going to run IBM?

Chuckle or curse - you decide

Acer Nvidia Ion-based nettop revealed on web

Hornet picture and specs emerge online

Reg Hardware's April Fool's Day round-up

Nine fakes and one real. Can you see what it is yet?

Yahoo! stacks big, purple mobile pack

Feel the width

Shuttleworth: standards and open source against 'gross' cloud lock-in

Jaunty Jackalope "fits" with Amazon

Architect of Google's YouTube deal exits Facebook

We need a new CFO... bitch!

Twitter jilts Ruby for Scala

Web 2.0 ExpoA new love on the back-end

Microsoft Office opening for iPhone

Time to touch Word and Excel

SEC sticks up Grand Theft Auto maker for $3m

Settles backdating lawsuit

Cybersecurity law would give feds unprecedented net control

For your own good

SGI's Rackable's future supercomputers

CommentGoodbye Itanium, hello Nehalem

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases

State agencies need written permission for Aero

Fedora 11 beta bares chest to all-comers

Kick the tires, if you dare

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