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31st > March > 2009 Archive

Intel clears Core i7 Xeon 5500 for landing

Nehalem DayCode tweaks ahead

PC firms slammed in latest Greenpeace eco report

Nokia triumphs, Nintendo stuck in the mire

EU launches pirate talking shop

'Arrr, me hearties!' or somesuch

Cost of a cuppa set to rocket

Droughts mean bad news for Brit builders

Seagate sneaks content round your home network

Physically carried FreeAgents

Greenbird sail-car wafts in as future of zero-emission motoring?

Leccy Aero TechBreaks land-speed record too

Pirate Bay linking could implicate Facebook, says lawyer

I link your milkshake

NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

Wheelchair-bound Dirty Harriet sued for $5m

Scareware scammers latch onto Conficker hype

Sysadmins served poisoned searches

Canon i-Sensys LBP3100

ReviewCheap and better than cheerful

Slimline iPhone pictures unearthed

The 'iPhone 4G'?

IDC says disk market spinning down this year

Rebound from 2010 though

EU demands 20% energy cut from tech industry

Reding calls for IT to act on emissions

Grey squirrels invade Nutt house

NI woman in sciurine plague ordeal

Olympus welcomes in the E-450 DSLR

Waves goodbye to the E-420

DNA database grows faster than forecast

5.14m profiles, despite removal of under-10s

EU issues ultimatum on internet privacy

Behavioural targeting investigated

Dell gives birth to octuplet Inspiron colours

All the colours of the rainbow?

Vulture Central on total G20 terror lockdown

Fearmail announces anti-crusty security Defcon Red

EU endorses telecoms talking shop super regulator

More Aquaman than Superman

Emulex and QLogic bring FCoE closer

Integrated converged network adapters arrive

Ex-Google design man trundles into Twitter

'Learn from your mistakes, but never dwell on them'

EU tells members to get ready for disaster

Which disaster were you thinking of?

Workers take Caterpillar Inc managers hostage

BriefGrenoble four held in latest French incident

Playboy TV offers 'Jacq off' special package

CommentHome Office says adult movies were 'vanilla' flavoured

Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras

Just in time for bikers' demo

'Big Brother' - the price of self-driving cars

Privacy concerns forbid in-car beer, movies, snoozing

G20 police demand ID as train staff ordered to spy on passengers

Hysteria mounts over crusty onslaught

Honda creates thought-controlled android

Asimo gets smarter

What's wrong with a Twitter degree?

I can haz Master of Arts!

Sun confirms second round of layoffs

Another 1,500 get pink slips

Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double

Cat D9 also starred as satanic Killdozer. Coincidence?

BT Wholesale cuts off Prodigy Internet

MACs all round for Mary Celeste ISP

iPhone slip serves up free 3G Skype calls

Woo hoo!

Satyam races to find buyer ahead of Indian election

Firm on the block as pols on the stump

Cosmonaut bemoans ISS toilet row

Can't use apparently non-existent deluxe US space dunny

'Fit and healthy' Brit dies playing Wii

25-year-old collapses during Wii Sports session

Sony ignores UK as US, Europe get PS2 price cut

Sterling plunge to blame?

Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout

Staff go from England and Northern Ireland

Convicted Trojan author in new hacking charge

Back before the beak

Ultra-quiet MSI all-in-one PC blows in

As quiet as a librarian

GM in-car kit team says no to drive'n'Twitter tech

ExclusiveMirror, signal, Tweet?

Security in 2009, the expert view

Episode 4Audio with slides attached

What's an open cloud? The Manifesto's not telling

CommentNebular thinking

Google animates venture capital arm

Looking for 'next big thing'

US Supremes flatline Virginia's hardline anti-spam law

AOL junk mailer ignored

Android tethering app tossed

T-Mobile the tossers?

Acer rides little netbooks to big profit

38 per cent growth

YouTube signs on scraps of Disney

Ad-backed clips imminent

Microsoft draws fire for taxpayer handout

Stimulus spending stimulates squabble

Sun talks up Solaris 10 for Nehalem

Nehalem DayTwo weeks away

Jimbo Wales kills 'Google killing' Wikia Search

Jet-setting dream in doubt

US judge bars teen 'sexting' charges

Provocative is as provocative does

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