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30th > March > 2009 Archive

Travel firm server glitch double dips on billing

Easy-breaks easily broken

Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband

Spending your money on smut, home sec's home sex

Build your own ParaScale cloud storage

Hey you, get onta my cloud

Linux on the desktop: cheap trick or pragmatist’s dream?

Reg Tech PanelAre you experienced?

Leeds council cuts contractor rates

Recession really is opportunity

China rubbishes cyber-espionage claims

Spooky Ghostnet revives malware spying accusations

Action games 'improve eyesight'

Call of Duty 2 better than carrots?

Samsung P3

ReviewiPod Touch worrier?

UFO fleet menaces east London

Street View sighting rocks Bethnal Green

NEC gives up on global PC sales

Stuff this, we're going home

Palm Pré to arrive next month?

Yes, Tweets Logicom CEO

BT network 'vulnerable to Chinese attack'

Spy chiefs warn over Huawei gear in 21CN

Pics show North Korean rocket ready to go

Norks ready for biggest shot yet

Busted! Conficker's tell-tale heart uncovered

Researchers find super worm cure, just in time

HP Mini 2140 netbook

ReviewVIA out, Intel Atom in

Charter Communications files for bankruptcy

Paul Allen's cable firm done for by credit crunch

Storage in the new Fujitsu Technology Services

Global storage competence centre

World's first shaving phone unveiled

Not RAZR, razor

Artist slices gadgets using CT scanner

Medical machine creates hi-tech artwork

Irish boffins tackle cow-fart ecopocalypse with fish oil

Planet-busting bovine guff cloud forestalled?

Western Digital snaps up SiliconSystems

Flash for cash

Women's lust for shopping linked to periods

Lock up the credit card during 'luteal phase'

iPhone finally gets Skype

But why?

Rumour: Sun pink slips to fly today

Move to channel sales costs jobs

3 and T-Mobile announce site provider

3G networks finally start to merge

Asus slides out first 'optical drive included' Eee

The latest member of the Eee PC family

Russian mag teases with netbook MacBook specs

Does April come early over there?

MPs lambast Forces' new personnel database

Job-slashing machinery plagued by "human errors"

IBM tries to patent offshoring

Zombie patent back from the dead

Firefox update fixes pwn2own vuln

Early arrival

IBM-led Open Cloud Manifesto: Who's in, who's out?

Microsoft, Amazon,, Google play dodgeball

Nokia kicks OEMs to the kerb

$5bn worth of handsets won't happen in 2009

LG talks up transparent touch phone

The see-through GD900

Fujitsu talks big on x64 server sales

Sparc, mainframes get honourable mentions at FTS

Delivering sustainable security

RegcastAudio + Slides

Verizon to ape AT&T with netbook sales

Summer subsidy

Microsoft and TomTom settle 'Linux' kerfuffle

Payments to Redmond

Intel unmasks Nehalem Xeons

Server blitz

IBM punts two racks, a blade, and a hybrid thingy

Nehalem DayEnterprise avant garde

HP goes to 11 with ProLiant launch

Nehalem DayStrength in numbers

Dell girds iron from the tower to the blade

Nehalem DayRacks included

DHS battles Axis of Exorbitance with software overhaul

Department of Homeland Efficiency

Gartner sees flat biz software biz in 2009

Forecast sinks again

Intel showcases 'transformational' Nehalem

Nehalem DayIt's the next Pentium Pro, apparently

Google launches free (legal) music search in China

Music labels bang heads over Baidu

Romanian phisher gets 50 month prison term

No credit for good grammar

Google caches payment card details for 19,000 Brits

Stolen info wants to be free

Microsoft kills MSN Encarta

Wikipedia dunnit

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