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25th > March > 2009 Archive

Apple sued over iPhone e-bookiness

Patented brain currents

Outsourcing prices on the wane, says Gartner

Optional smiles on service

Microsoft 24 hours late with IE8 pwn protection

What a difference a DEP makes

Microsoft follows Google to Mars

Any pics you can post...

Dell spreads the channel love with distie big guns

Hires Ingram and Tech Data in US

Yorkshire dealers get spliced

Phase CRS climbs on Concorde

Ubuntu promises DIY Amazon cloud

OSBCDrop your AMIs like they're hot

InfiniBand: Caught in the Ethernet meatgrinder

CommentVoltaire heads for the protocol hills

EMC saves earth from its own private jets

OpinionRed faces over green goals

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions

Turn 'em off

Mimecast and file server destruction

AnalysisOnline mail services lead to filer destruction - maybe

Dell buffs up EqualLogic SAN arrays with solid state drives

Expanding virtual storage pools

'Transportable' raygun 'deploys' - across Albuquerque

Early test sharks struggle under burden of 40' containers

Warner launches press-to-order DVD movie service

Downloads too

Samsung boxes up Centrino 2 notebook pair

One for families, one for road warriors

Google takedowns flawed, analysis shows

A third of requests may be bobbins

El Reg nails rooftop 60-ft todger outrage mansion

Berkshire phallus eludes Google Earth

Shuttle XPC SP45H7

ReviewFewer features, higher price? You sure, Shuttle?

Canon unveils 1080p HD video-shooting DSLR

EOS line extended

WAG sues CPW for phone pic nick

Boob pic shocker

Scareware package incorporates file ransom trickery

Double dipping

Dell retreat from Limerick will leave 9,500 casualties

Secret government report details the cost

BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff

West Yorkshire Italian Job reconstruction

Sony talks up PSP digital downloads

UMD's future at risk?

Sex crime 'lie detector' pilot could prompt wider use

More crims to be made to sweat?

Isle of Man e-bike trial loses racers

'Leccy TechHow many TTxGP teams will actually take part?

Copyrighted mice give OK on vat-grown organs

Big Blue® brand rodents scotch mutant clone peril goes payware

UK, US and Germany excluded

French 3M workers barricade boss in office

Industrial director confined behind wardrobe

China brands Tibet beating video fake

Edited together from different sources

Security in the clouds - or clouds in security?

Supplementary benefits

Altec Lansing Octiv Air wireless iPod speaker system

ReviewTunes throughout your house

Dell serves up 11G servers and Nehalem workstations

Focus on simplicity and performance

Quirky motion-capture controller finally paraded

New look, same technology?

Sun sells two Constellation supers for $30m

Solar weather Down Under

Skype is biggest international telco

If we're counting free minutes across the internet

Pentagon hacker Analyzer suspected of $10m cyberheist

Credit card scam exposed

Deadfish iPhones send users into deep freeze

When cool isn't cool enough for WiFi

Profs design AK47-locating 'smart dust' helmets

Satnav network node-lids backtrack bullets, ID weapons

Pioneer rebuffs reported rush to end plasma TV production

ExclusiveWill continue making sets until the end of the year

VMware VMs cost how much?

Let's punch the VMware calculator

Microsoft: Judge us by our deeds on open source

Updated OSBCIgnore the patents and Ballmer thing

Canadian cops cry for BlackBerry wiretap

CommentHow to eat a golden egg

Nintendo's Iwata reveals wii storage fix, new games

GDC 09Zelda for DS, two Final Fantasies for WiiWare

AMD migrates live VMs from Shanghai to Istanbul

Flight of the fake servers

Dell Nehalem men badmouth your servers

Old iron ain't free

Red Hat sales buck Meltdown

But profits under pressure

Sun packs 150 billion web pages into meat locker

Getting your arms around the internet

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